High School/ New College Student

High School/New College Student

Some (not all!) applicants start planning for pharmacy school in high school. If you’re a high school student and you’re interested in being a pharmacist, here is our advice for you:

Take your time and give the field of pharmacy a thorough review! There are lots of ways to practice pharmacy and the more you know about it, the more clear you’ll be about your unique interests by the time you apply

  • Find job shadowing opportunities with pharmacists in different fields. If you connect for a job shadowing opportunity with one pharmacist, when you’re done, ask them if they have a colleague in a different area of pharmacy with whom they’d be willing to connect you.
  • If job shadowing opportunities aren’t available, ask a pharmacist for an informational interview. When you’re done, ask if they have a colleague in a different area of pharmacy with whom they’d be willing to connect you.


Consider taking AP, IB, or College in the Schools courses that will meet our prerequisite requirements.


Join the pre-pharmacy or pre-health careers club your first year! If there isn’t one, explore how you can start one!

Depending on the laws and rules governing pharmacies in your state or country, you might be able to get a job as a pharmacy technician. This is a great way to start working in the field and helps you understanding working directly with patients.


Find a volunteer activity you love - then stick with it! Demonstrating commitment is always great.


Look for leadership opportunities in volunteerism, work, the classroom, or in student groups.

High School Students

Scrubs, Gloves, & Microscopes

Scrubs, Gloves & Microscopes (SGM) is a “hands-on” health career exploration opportunity for high school students currently in grades 9-12. This event gives you the opportunity to briefly experience life in a health profession.

Scrubs, Gloves, & Microscopes

Experience Minnesota: An Open House Event for Multicultural Students

Experience Minnesota is a special event for high school students interested in the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities held in the fall. You and your family will have the opportunity to attend informational sessions, explore student cultural centers, tour the campus, and meet current U of MN students. Meet representatives from the College of Pharmacy during the College and Majors Fair at Experience Minnesota! Registration is required.

Register for Experience Minnesota

Undergraduate Students

Join a Pre-Pharmacy Club

Listen to pharmacist guests speakers, network to find pharmacy technician jobs, discover volunteer opportunities, and attend social events. If your school does not have a Pre-Pharmacy Club, consider starting one- it would be a great leadership opportunity. Join now in Duluth or the Twin Cities!

Take Undergraduate Pharmacy Courses at the University of Minnesota

These courses are offered online and are a great way to learn about interesting areas of pharmacy and get credit for it. These courses are cost effective for current full-time University of Minnesota students because there is no additional fees to take these courses.

View Undergraduate Courses

Minor in Pharmacology or Public Health

All University of Minnesota- Twin Cities students have the option of having a minor in Pharmacology or Public Health