Kelly Potz: A Passion for Science and Health Care

Kelly Potz

“There is nowhere I’d rather be than where I am right now,” said Kelly Potz, Class of 2020 and president of the Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance (MPSA). 

MPSA brings together student pharmacists from both campuses with a central purpose to promote their growth into excellent pharmacists at the top of their respective fields. 

An active MPSA member since her first year, Potz is proud to serve as its president this year. 

“My role allows me to set the vision for the year, manage general operations of the organization, create opportunities for students to learn, grow, and live out their passions in our profession, and the part I love the most: help support the dreams and goals of my fellow colleagues and friends,” said Potz. 

Potz’ experience with MPSA has helped develop her career path and her own vision for the future of the pharmacy profession. 

Potz didn’t always know she was going to be a pharmacist. She entered her undergraduate education with the intention of getting a degree in political science. Over time she realized she had a different calling.

“In my political science program in college, my perspective changed, and my heart called for me to go into science and health care,” Potz said. “I worked for multiple years as a nursing assistant in home health, transitional care, and long-term care while I worked on my core science courses. Eventually I learned about pharmacy and it piqued my interest because it combined my interests in science and health care, and I wanted a stable, long-term profession in which I could grow.”

She worked as a technician for White Bear Health Mart Pharmacy and she became hooked on pharmacy during her time there. She realized how valuable it is for patients to have access to a warm, friendly pharmacist who knows them and supports them in their mental and physical health. 

A Minnesota native, Potz is happy to be at the college’s Twin Cities campus and close to family. She also enjoys the “vibe” at the College of Pharmacy. 

“Throughout my time touring, speaking with current students and faculty, and learning about the college, I knew I wanted to be here,” Potz said. “We have nationally and internationally acclaimed experts teaching us, along with movers and shakers within pharmacy who are paving the way to the future of pharmacy practice nationwide.”

Potz is enjoying her time as a pharmacy student and she would like to see more students join the pharmacy profession.

“If you are someone who has a deep love for people, learning, and constant improvement, we’d love to have you join us in the profession of pharmacy,” Potz said.


Story by Owen Mageau