Clinical Appointment Process

The college recognizes preceptors for their substantial and valuable contribution by appointing them as clinical faculty.

Clinical Faculty Appointment Criteria

Preceptors are eligible for a clinical faculty appointment if they meet the criteria for experiential preceptors or for residency preceptors

  1. Offer a minimum of four IPPEs/APPEs per academic year, with at least two students placed at the site during the year.
  2. Are responsible for at least 60% of the student's time during the experience.
  3. Take administrative responsibility for the teaching through grading, decision making, and oversight of the students’ rotation.
  4. Two years of service as a preceptor of record with the College.
  5. Meet the requirements to be a preceptor with the College, which include:
    1. Minimum of two years in practice,
    2. Be registered as a preceptor with the College of Pharmacy, and
    3. Be registered as a preceptor by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy.

When the completed Application is Received

  1. The Executive Director of Applied and Experiential Education Program reviews the appointment request for appropriate classification, signs the Appointment Request form, and forwards the application materials to the Assistant for Academic Affairs.
  2. The Assistant for Academic Affairs processes and sends to the Faculty Consultative Committee (FCC)
  3. The FCC meets to approve the appointments (approximately once a month).
  4. Assistant for Academic Affairs sends the approved appointment information to the personnel specialist in the College’s Human Resources department.
  5. HR will contact applicant to submit the U of M Human Resources Information form.
  6. HR will contact applicant to provide proof of highest degree (copy of diploma or letter from granting institution) if not a U of M College of Pharmacy graduate.  
  7. The personnel specialist enters the new clinical faculty information into the University system.

When the Application is Approved

  1. A letter from the dean of the College of Pharmacy and a certificate is mailed to the preceptor.
  2. The preceptor needs to call 612-301-4357 (University Helpline) to activate the account and receive a password.
  3. An email account and email address is assigned through the University and the preceptor must remain active in order to keep the account.
  4. The preceptor will have access to the Biomedical Library.

The list of active preceptors is reviewed annually.

Apply for a Clinical Faculty Appointment

Email the following information to