Affiliation Agreement Process

The College of Pharmacy must maintain an Affiliation Agreement (AA) with all experiential education sites. The AA is typically effective for 5 years and may be renewed after the agreement expires. With the affiliation agreement, the College and the site establish a partnership for the purpose of providing educational experiences to pharmacy students.

The process is as follows

A. The College of Pharmacy initiates an AA with a new site using the Academic Health Center (AHC) template. If the site agrees to use the template, the following steps occur:

  • The College creates a new AA using the agreement template and the information provided by the site
  • AA information is entered into the database
  • College sends 2 copies of the AA to the site for signatures
  • AA is returned to the College
  • Director of Experiential Education and the Dean sign the AA
  • College sends the AA to the AHC Legal Department for final review and signature from the Senior Vice President
  • AHC scans the AA
  • AHC sends the originals back to the College
  • College sends one original to the site
  • College files the second original

B. If the site indicates that they need to use their own template, the process varies from site to site, but generally follows these steps:

  • Director of Experiential Program reviews the document and forwards it to the AHC Legal Department for review
  • AHC negotiates the agreement directly with the site
  • AHC looks at the document from the legal standpoint and communicate with the College, the College then communicate with the site.
  • AHC legal department returns the final revised copy to the College
  • College completes the AA by following the process indicated above

Affiliation Agreements Questions? Contact:

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Director, Experiential Education
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