Tutoring and Study Help

Tutoring is available on a drop-in basis for all students, and individual tutoring can be arranged for students who are having difficulty with learning course material and are in danger of performing poorly (D or below) in a given course. Tutoring is not meant to serve as a mode of delivering course content, rather it is meant to provide individually-tailored assistance to students who need extra help. Tutor arrangements are subject to the availability of tutors. 

Drop-in tutoring for all students

Drop-in tutoring hours are posted on the collegiate calendar on the current students webpage.

Fall 2020 Schedule: 

  • Monday - Thursday, 12:15-1:15PM via Zoom
  • Monday - Thursday, 7:00-8:00PM via Zoom

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If you currently meet all the following criteria, you may be eligible for a one-on-one tutor:

  • Attend class on a regular basis
  • Engage course faculty to review course content
  • Consult TAs during office hours
  • Use available review sessions
  • Fine-tune your approach to studying

Duluth students, please contact Amy Renne. Twin Cities students, please complete this form and email Becky Borg if you have questions.

Here are some helpful links that can provide some tips to approach studying & preparing for exams in a professional program: