Student Organizations

Involvement in student organizations creates opportunities for students to create professional relationships and participate in professional service outside the classroom. The College of Pharmacy also values student input in our governance process, so students also have elected representation on all committees.  (login required)

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Professional Student Government

The PSG Congress represents students from professional programs in the Academic Health Center along with law, public affairs, and business administration and facilitates inter-council cooperation, promotes general professional student welfare, shares knowledge, and provides for joint representation. Professional students use PSG as a forum to communicate and cooperate in promoting academic, social, professional, and economic aims.

Pharmacy College Board

Pharmacy College Board is the governing body for pharmacy students in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota. PCB performs many functions including acting as the students’ representative, acting as liaison between students and faculty, and also sponsors many all-college activities. Its purpose is to advance students’ interest in the College through active participation. It is composed of class representatives and student organization leaders.


As a group, Agape has weekly Bible studies, offers local volunteer outreach and will be headed to Belize for a medical mission trip in January. AGAPE has no affiliation with any church, however members are part of the Christian community. AGAPE is open to anyone who seeks to investigate, question or develop their faith in Christ.

Council for Health Interprofessional Programs (CHIP)

This health sciences student organization promotes a team approach to health care delivery through sponsoring interprofessional social, educational, and service activities. In the Twin Cities, CHIP involves students from all six health professional schools in the Academic Health Center.

Honor Council

The Honor Council is the student-run body that hears all cases regarding student misconduct. Students from each class on each campus are represented on this council. All students entering the college must consent to the college’s Honor Code.

Leadership Society (PLS)

Phi Lambda Sigma, the national pharmacy leadership society, promotes the development of leadership qualities in pharmacy students. Election to the society begins after the first professional year, and is based on dedication, service, and leadership in the advancement of pharmacy.

Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance (MPSA)

MPSA promotes opportunities for professional growth, advancement of pharmacy practice, strengthening of clinical and patient care skills, and addressing the healthcare needs of the community. The Alliance represents over ten different pharmacy career pathways and is actively and directly involved in matters affecting the profession at the state, national and international level.

Multicultural Pharmacy Student Organization (MPSO)

This student group aims to celebrate diversity, educate students and professionals about underserved populations, help enhance cultural competency, and advocates for the elimination of health care disparities in Duluth and the Twin Cities.

Professional Societies

There are three active professional pharmacy fraternities within the College: Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Psi (Duluth & Twin Cities), and Phi Delta Chi (Duluth & Twin Cities). These groups sponsor activities involving students, alumni, the College, and the community to foster the profession of pharmacy.

Rho Chi

The national honor society of pharmacy invites students during their second professional year. Election to the society is based on scholastic achievement, character, and conduct.

UMD PharmD Organization

The organization performs community projects that will help Duluth pharmacy students grow as professionals; educates people about the pharmacy profession; and organizes student activities to help pharmacy students grow as colleagues.

Free Teaching Clinics

HOPE (Health of People Everywhere) and PNC (Phillips Neighborhood Clinic) are free teaching clinics operated by health professions students. They aim to provide access to medical care and enhanced quality of life for underserved and uninsured populations in the Duluth and Twin Cities areas.

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