International Opportunities


International experiences expose students to new and different cultures and ways of thinking that will challenge them to examine existing thoughts and practices. See the below current international opportunities for our PharmD students.

Participating students must complete a release waiver, obtain international insurance, and get approval for travel locations on the State Department Warning List.

International Opportunities

Designed for students to learn about pharmacy practice in a different culture; learn firsthand about the German healthcare system and how it affects patient care; and also to learn about patient care in a different cultural context.


The CARE (Clinics And Relief Efforts) for Haiti is a student-run mission to provide sustainable health care in southeast Haiti by educating the community, improving hygiene, providing immunizations, and working towards building a permanent clinic in a rural community in Chabin, Haiti. CARE for Haiti is composed of a group of pharmacy students working with other health care professionals, Haitian health officials, and local community leaders to create culturally sensitive, patient centered, health care interventions.


pictureInternational Pharmaceutical Student's Federation (IPSF)

IPSF is the leading international professional organization for student pharmacists representing over 350,000 student pharmacists from 84 countries. Opportunities include student exchange programs, international student pharmacist conferences, international publications, public health campaigns/ projects, internships through the World Health Organization.


picturePhar 6294: International Pharmacy Practice and Leadership

This interactive PharmD elective course is designed to broaden the understanding of pharmacy practice to a global level. This course connects pharmacy students to practitioners around the world with live video to learn about and contrast pharmacy practices, quality of care and patient experiences, and develop leadership qualities.


photoHealth 5100: Exploring Health Through Art, History and Culture in Italy

Pharmacy students explore historical and cultural venues in Italy and their relationship to health in this course. This includes comparing and contrasting the role of the arts in pharmacy, analyzing the impact of social and cultural factors on community health, analyzing the causes of the black plague in Italy, the principles of epidemiology & quarantine, and evaluating their study abroad experience in Italy from an academic and personal growth perspective.


Students in this course visit and meet with a wide variety of government, regulatory, pharmacy organizations and independent pharmacies both in Minnesota and for two weeks in Portugal. Students learn about differences in healthcare systems, regulations, and advancing pharmacy practice to improve patient care.


The annual Puebla service project provides free health care for patients and unique learning opportunities for students. The student run group has held clinics in 10 different communities throughout Mexico that screened more than 400 people. Students examined patients for body mass index, blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose and blood lipid levels. Patients with established diabetes also had their A1C analyzed to better assess their current diabetes treatment.


The Tanzania APPE rotation is the first to address humanitarian work and public health in the developing world. Students participate in rounds on a general ward, work with physicians in an outpatient clinic and travel with a mobile HIV outreach clinic. They study the scope of pharmacy services including education, pharmacy practice in clinical settings, inventory management and procurement, and the manufacture and distribution of drugs within the country.


Funding for International Activities

pictureWalter H. Judd International Graduate & Professional Fellowships

The Walter H. Judd International Graduate & Professional Fellowships are designed to support the continued internationalization of the University of Minnesota by providing critical assistance to students enrolled in master’s and professional degree programs, and to increase opportunities for students to study, undertake internships, and conduct research projects abroad.