PharmD Career Events

We're hosting two free virtual networking events in October and will also help employers facilitate remote interviews for available internship and post-graduate positions. 

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Intern Networking Event

Thursday, October 7, 2021
1:45 - 3:15 PM via Zoom

  • PD1 students required to attend; PD2 students invited
  • Open to all employers with a focus on intern positions

Post-Grad Opportunities & Networking

Wednesday, October 13, 2021
6:30 - 8:00 PM via Zoom

  • PD3-PD4 students and recent alumni invited
  • Open to all employers, residency, and fellowship programs

Event Objectives

  • Provide an informal opportunity for students to connect with employers and practice networking skills.
  • Help students learn about different employers and potential internships/positions.
  • Encourage students to make connections and build their network.

Keys for Employers

  • Keep it informal - business casual recommended; no resumes/CVs required.
  • Neither students nor employers need to be actively seeking a position or hiring.
  • Each event will provide an opportunity for employer introductions followed by breakout rooms for networking. 

Event Agendas

We’ll start with employer introductions in a large-group Zoom meeting. Then, each employer will host a breakout room and students will visit different rooms at will. 

  • Employer Introductions:
    • Large group Zoom meeting
    • Each representative will have about 1 minute to introduce themselves and briefly share name, position, organization, types of positions or locations, etc.
  • Networking Session:
    • Breakout rooms in Zoom (within same meeting link)
    • After the large-group intros, each employer will 'host' a breakout room and students will visit different rooms at will. 
    • The College will share time-checks and encourage students to navigate various breakouts during the session.
    • If a conversation with a student progresses and would be better suited to a more private space, you may wish to move to a separate Zoom link for one-on-one discussions. Feel free to set up a Zoom link in advance to share with a student, or schedule a time to follow up outside of the event.

Additional ways to connect with students

We’re happy to share details with students via email - email Susan if you’re planning on any of the following opportunities:

  • Hosting an Info Session to share more about your organization or open positions
  • Scheduling an interview block for intern or grad/pharmacist positions
  • Post specific openings on our job boards:

We can also share your materials with students in advance of the event, ie videos or brochures about your organization or specific opportunities. Please email with links, attachments, or more details.

Technology Requirements

  • We will use the Zoom platform to host each event. 
  • Attendees should have version 5.7.0 (or newer) of the Zoom desktop client installed on their computer system to participate. 
  • If not, you will not be able to join your breakout room and interact with students.