Campus Assignment

The PharmD program is offered on the Duluth and Twin Cities campuses, and students on both campuses create one cohesive class. Applicants submit one application to the University of Minnesota PharmD Program and make their campus selection after the interview. Visit both campuses at Preview Day!

To best serve our one college, two campus model all courses are delivered with interactive television (ITV) in technologically enhanced classrooms concurrently on both campuses. The ITV technology allows students on the Duluth and Twin Cities campuses to interact with each other and faculty members simultaneously. Teaching is done on both campuses, with approximately 40% of teaching coming from Duluth and 60% coming from the Twin Cities.

Campus Selection

If you are selected for an interview, you will make your campus selection after your Interview Day. Applicants cannot change their campus selection after it has been made, and barring extraordinary circumstances, applicants are not able to transfer campuses.

The admissions committee does not know or consider your campus selection when reviewing your application; admission decisions are based on the eight selection criteria and the strength of your application. However, being open to attending either campus may improve your chances of being offered a seat if space is no longer available on one campus or you are placed on the waitlist.

Duluth Campus

Visit Duluth

Study in a supportive environment with the advantages of living in a vibrant cityOur Duluth campus offers students an opportunity to build extraordinarily strong relationships with their classmates and our faculty & staff. With 60 students per class, our students in Duluth form very tight connections that last throughout a career.  Students are very involved outside of class, do lots of activities together, including intramural sports, outdoor recreation, and outreach to rural communities.

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Twin Cities

Visit Twin CitiesStudy in a cosmopolitan urban environment with access to world-class arts, theater, recreation and sporting eventsOur Twin Cities campus is the only Big Ten campus located in a major urban environment. The resources available to students are unparalleled. Located in Weaver-Densford Hall, the Twin Cities campus offers interprofessional activities with medicine, nursing, dentistry, public health and more. You might be surprised to find out how small the college actually feels with only about 107 students per class. Students tend to think it more as a family than a university.

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Selection Criteria

Once you have submitted a complete application, your application is reviewed within three weeks according to the first seven selection criteria.

Our selection criteria include: academic achievement, understanding & motivation for pharmacy, work experience, letters of recommendation, community service & leadership, application essays, unique factors that contribute to a diverse student body, and the interview.