International Applicants and Coursework

International Applicants Admissions Process

International applicants follow the same admissions process as all other applicants, with the additional requirement of submitting a foreign coursework evaluation and TOEFL, depending on the circumstances explained below.

Welcome International Students

The University of Minnesota greatly values international students and the College of Pharmacy has students from more than 15 different countries! Many international pharmacists with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree have chosen to pursue the PharmD program at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy to further develop their clinical skills and broaden their career options.


International Coursework

A course-by-course foreign transcript evaluation showing all coursework completed at the time of application is required for all applicants who have taken international coursework, unless the credit appears as transfer credit on a U.S. transcript or was taken at a Canadian school approved by PharmCAS. A list of approved transcript evaluation services is provided on the PharmCAS website.

Although international grades (with the exception of a few Canadian schools) do not count toward the PharmCAS GPA calculation, the Admissions Committee does review all international coursework, even if the coursework is not expected to meet prerequisite requirements. Please submit foreign transcript evaluations directly to PharmCAS.

Course-by-Course Evaluation

The University of Minnesota recommends using World Education Services (WES) evaluation services for the course-by-course evaluation. You may use any evaluation service accepted by PharmCAS. If a cumulative GPA is not automatically included in the evaluation, you must request that a GPA be included.

Verify Your Prerequisites

After you have your course-by-course evaluation, you can verify that your international coursework fulfills the prerequisites by submitting the Request for Prerequisite Evaluation and emailing the evaluation to It’s a good idea to do this as early as possible in order to know which prerequisites you still need to complete.

Completion of a bachelor’s degree outside of the United States does NOT automatically fulfill the public speaking/international communication, advanced English composition, or social/behavioral science prerequisites.

English Language Requirements

Applicable if English is not your first language

The TOEFL is a pharmacy school admission requirement for all applicants whose first language is not English, regardless of U.S. citizenship status. Exceptions are granted to applicants who have completed 24 quarter credits or 16 semester credits (within the past 24 months) in residence as a full-time student at a recognized institution of higher learning in the United States (or other English-speaking country) before entering the University of Minnesota.

Scores must be submitted directly to PharmCAS (code: 8246); please do not send TOEFL scores directly to the University of Minnesota. TOEFL scores are valid for two years from the testing date and a minimum score of 79 is required for admission consideration.

Taking the PCAT Abroad

The PCAT is required of all applicants, including international students. You can see available test centers at Pearson VUE.

Financing Your Education

US citizens and permanent residents are provided with financial aid through the federal government by completing the FAFSA. International students must secure their own funding for their PharmD education and provide proof of funding for the first year of the PharmD program when their are admitted into the program. Check the current cost of attendance.

All students, including international students, are eligible to apply for College of Pharmacy scholarships. The average scholarship award is about $3,700 with a range of scholarship awards from $500-$11,300. There are no full tuition scholarships.