Campus Preference & Assignment

Our two campuses allow students an opportunity to learn in an environment that best suits their needs. After Interview Day, you'll have an opportunity to indicate your campus preference.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about our two campuses or the campus assignment.

The Options

Applicants will indicate their preference for their campus of enrollment following the interview by choosing one of the following options: 

  • I prefer the Duluth campus
  • I prefer the Twin Cities campus
  • I do not have a campus preference

Applicants will be placed on their preferred campus if the two campuses are proportionally filled.* In the event that both campuses fill during the rolling admissions process, applicants the committee wishes to admit will be placed on a waitlist.

*Early Decision admission: because applicants admitted through Early Decision are obligated to accept our offer of admission, they will receive their campus preference.

Can I improve my chances of admission?

The Admissions Committee admits applicants based on the selection criteria and overall strength of their application, not on which campus a student prefers to attend. Therefore, your campus selection has no bearing on the committee's decision.

The Duluth Campus

The City of DuluthOur Duluth campus offers students an opportunity to build extraordinarily strong relationships with their classmates and our faculty & staff. With 50 students per class, our students in Duluth form very tight connections that last throughout a career.  Students are very involved outside of class, do lots of activities together, including intramural sports, outdoor recreation, and outreach to rural communities. Read more

If the campuses are not proportionally filled, how do you assign campuses?

Applicants will be assigned to their preferred campus whenever possible. If not all applicants from your Interview Day can be assigned to their preferred campus, a randomized order will be used to assign applicants to both campuses.

What if I cannot attend on the campus to which I was assigned?

We recognize that in some instances, an applicant may be unable to enroll in the program on the campus to which they were assigned. There is a campus assignment appeal process through which applicants may request assignment to the other campus. These appeals will be reviewed throughout the rolling admission cycle.

This appeal process exists for those with a clear and significant need to live in one of the two campus locations. Priority will be given to applicants who are currently established near the requested campus, or who have significant ties to the requested campus location. Approval of appeals is subject to the availability of space, and documentation will be requested.

The Twin Cities Campus

Visit Twin CitiesOur Twin Cities campus is the only Big Ten campus located in a major urban environment. Located in Weaver-Densford Hall, the Twin Cities campus offers interprofessional activities with medicine, nursing, dentistry, public health and more. You might be surprised to find out how small the college actually feels with only about 100 students per class. Students tend to think it more as a family than a university. Read more

How does the waitlist work?

If all seats in the program fill, the college will start a waitlist. The college operates one waitlist for both campuses, and offers positions to applicants if and when openings occur. Waitlist offers are made without regard to campus preference.