Continuing Education Courses


Continuing Pharmacy Education offers online, in-person, and hybrid courses for you to gain knowledge and skills while fulfilling credentialing requirements. Our on-demand activities are online and have open enrollment — which means you can start when you want to start. We also offer cohort courses at various times throughout the year to ensure that you will always have the chance to further your knowledge.

ABCs of Evidence-based Medicine Course

This course will help you develop a methodical approach to asking well-constructed questions, acquiring evidence efficiently, and appraising evidence comprehensively.

Learn about influenza and the flu vaccine, vaccine administration laws, compensation, and proper administration techniques.

Patient Consult

Learn about implementing a MTM practice, while highlighting the infrastructure components of MTM services.


The basics of administering the influenza vaccine and the requirements for setting up a dental practice for administering vaccines in Minnesota.

An online activity that teaches pharmacists the basics of motivational interviewing techniques.


This two-part course provides background knowledge and hands-on training in the administration of immunizations.

Patient Consult

Learn the key foundational concepts of the practice of pharmaceutical care (Level One), applying pharmaceutical care concepts (Level 2), and practicing pharmaceutical care on patients (Level 3).


Retail and community pharmacists who encounter pet owners seeking advice or information about medications for companion animals.