Our students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners are adapting to the realities of this current crisis and having tremendous impact on the front lines. Here are a few of their stories:


doctor holding pill bottle
How Genetics Could Impact COVID-19 Treatments

UMN researchers explore connections

mobile healthcare workers

Otto Bremer Trust Invests $1M to Launch UMN Mobile Healthcare Initiative

Initiative helps address community health needs

Portrait of Samila Ahmed

Student Helps Classmate Navigate the
COVID-19 Pandemic

Resource helps those with paid pharmacy jobs.

labar family

Alumnus Derek LaBar Humbled to be Part of COVID-19 Response

Work focused on hydroxychloroquine trials

Keri Hager portrait

OACA Virtual Campus:
Keri Hager

Focusing on gratitude.

mixing hand sanitizer

UMN College of Pharmacy Partners to Meet the Need for Hand Sanitizer

Collaboration yields needed hand sanitizer.

portrait of Kyle Wallburg

OACA Virtual Campus:
Kyle Wallburg

COVID-19 brings lessons in resilience.

Laura Schwartzwald portrait

College of Pharmacy Partner Says Preparedness is Key

Preparing today to be ready for tomorrow.

Zach Rivers and wife

OACA Virtual Campus:
Zach Rivers

Flexibility key to balancing school and home.

Nadira Mohamed holding mask

Student and Her Mom Make Masks

Student Nadira Mohamed and her mom make masks.

Carolyn Odonnell portrait

In Their Own Words: Carolyn O’Donnell-Class of 2020

Focusing on the importance of mental wellbeing.

Jean moon portrait

OACA Virtual Campus:
Jean Moon

Creativity key for home and work.

Portrait of Ben Clements

OACA Virtual Campus:
Ben Clements

Keeping busy and on schedule helps to adjust.

portrait Cameron Wing

OACA Virtual Campus:
Cameron Wing

Organization proves key in new environment.

Esam El-Fakahany portrait

In Their Own Words: Esam El-Fakahany, PhD

Here to support students through change.

Caroline Patz portrait

In Their Own Words: Caroline Patz-Class of 2020

Shifting focus in light of COVID-19.

Portrait of Stephen Schondelmeyer

Schondelmeyer is Co-Leader of Resilient Drug Supply Project

Effort to define and address drug shortage concerns.