W-CISPE members and advisors encourage the dissemination of teaching innovations through scholarly publication. A number of pharmacy related education journals are available, such as:

If you are considering your publication options for an education-related project in pharmacy, this article may help you navigate the options.  In particular, this poster outlines the publication opportunities at Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning.

Strengthening Research

Conducting Research in Health Professions Education:  From Idea to Publication by Academic Medicine (Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges)

This 55 page resource provides focused, one page articles on various steps of the research process using the journal’s “Last Page” articles from 2010-2016.  Topics range from general issues, such as reliability and validity, to resources for use before (e.g. Generating good research questions), during (e.g. Tools of the Qualitative Research Trade) and after (e.g. Writing an Effective Research Paper) a research study.

Strengthening Peer Review

Review Criteria for Research Manuscripts by the Association of American Medical Colleges

This 81 page resource supports peer reviewer training.  It provides a checklist for use in review.  It also provides succinct 1-3 page “chapters” on many aspects of the publication process (e.g. publication decisions), guidance on evaluating particular article types (e.g. reviewing a review manuscript) and guidance on evaluating particular parts of an article (e.g. Discussion and Conclusion).

CPTL Peer Reviewer Development Program

This program includes an overview of peer review, a self-assessment tool and three practice peer reviews, along with actual reviews to compare your work against. To access:

1.    Go to

2.    Click “Alternate Login”

3.    Enter user name: cuwpharmacy and password: concordia

4.    Under "My Organizations" click “CPTL Peer Reviewer Development”

5.    On the left hand toolbar, click "Content"

6.    The description at the top provides suggestions on navigating with further directions for each folder of content.