Spring 2019

Spring 2019

In her new book, Air & Light & Time & Space, Helen Sword proposes the BASE model (http://writersdiet.com/aboutthebase.php) to support academic writing.

Behavioral Habits:  Successful writers carve out time and space for their writing in a striking variety of ways, but they all do it somehow. 

Key Habits of Mind: persistence, determination, passion, pragmatism, “grit”.

Artisanal Habits: Successful writers recognize writing as an artisanal activity that requires ongoing learning, development, and skill.

Key habits of mind: creativity, craft, artistry, patience, practice, perfectionism [but not too much!], a passion for lifelong learning.

Social Habits: Successful writers seldom work entirely in isolation; even in traditionally “sole author” disciplines, they typically rely on other people – colleagues, friends, family, editors, reviewers, audiences, students – to provide  them with support and feedback.

Key Habits of Mind: collegiality, collaboration, generosity, openness to both criticism and praise.

Emotional Habits: Successful writers cultivate modes of thinking that emphasize pleasure, challenge, and growth.

Key habits of mind: positivity, enjoyment, satisfaction, risk taking, resilience, luck.

The Spring 2019 #RxWritingChallenge will focus on the Social Habits. Posts from our Behavioral Habits focus are here.