About and Supporting the Challenge

Why was the Challenge started?

What model is supporting the Spr ’18-Fall ’19 Challenges?

How can we foster enjoyment in academic writing?

What resources are available to support academic writing in pharmacy?

Seventeen authors have been working on seven commentaries to support academic writing in pharmacy.  The first commentary was the enjoyment commentary mentioned above.  In addition, we have:
Ashley Castleberry, Wendy Ward, Susan Stein
Meghan M. Bodenberg, Kristen Nicols
Kristin Janke, Cortney Mospan, Jeff Cain 

There will also be four commentaries related to each part of the BASE model:  Behavioral, Artisanal, Social and Emotional Habits.  In addition, a commentary will focus specifically on creating changes in our writing habits.   

Is there any additional writing about the Challenge itself?

See AACP’s Academic Pharmacy Now article, “Together, We Write