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$200 million has been allocated for FY16 budget to the NIH for the president’s Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI).  The text of the omnibus is available here, the NIH section starts on page 900.

A two-day workshop by the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Working Group of the Advisory Committee to the NIH Director (ACD) hosted a public workshop on digital health data and research cohort design as they relate to the proposed PMI national research cohort. The workshop focused on solutions to challenges in the design, composition, and organizational characteristics of a national research cohort of one million or more volunteers.

Day 1 Video

The "Progress Toward Personalized Medicine and the Challenges of Integrating Genomics into Electronic Health Records," was Thursday March 12, 2015. Dr. Chisholm presented genomic medicine discovery and implementation projects based on the NUgene biobank that is linked to the Northwestern Medicine Electronic Health Records (EHR) system.

A Precison Medicine themed issue of Pharmacotherapy: The Journal of Human Pharmacology and Drug Therapy was published Sept. 20th, 2017.  The issue was edited by Jeffrey R. Bishop an Vicki L. Ellingrod.  Read the issue

DNA strands

Imagine if an individual’s DNA could be matched to the most effective medication to treat his or her case specifically. Using pharmacogenomics, researchers and providers are getting closer to achieving this goal.

Pamala Jacobson

“I’m driven to discover better ways to match drugs to [each] individual,” said Professor Pamala Jacobson.


Pharmacogenomics Conference 2020

The 2020 University of Minnesota Biennial Pharmacogenomics Conference is going virtual! The conference originally scheduled for June has moved to an online format and will take place Sept. 10-11.

Using live lectures from experts (with Q&A sessions), moderated small-group breakout discussions, a virtual exhibit hall and a virtual poster session, "Implementation of Pharmacogenomics into Clinical Care" will provide participants with both general knowledge and best practices to support clinical PGx. Register now through September 9, 2020.


Genomic Testing to Individualize Drug Therapy

The 2018 Pharmacogenomics Conference on June 22 was at capacity with over 310 registrants in attendance.  Topics included: cancer somatic mutations and selection of targeted therapies, emerging PGx areas.  Read about the event here

Precision Medicine Conference 2016 Pictures and Speaker Videos