Center For Translational Drug Delivery

Coordinated Multidisciplinary Product Development Solutions

Pharmaceutical Development - Strategic partnerships to help achieve flexibility, efficiency, and cost reductions. Our experts have several years of industry and academic experience in preformulation, formulation and process development. We help you accelerate development and reduce time and cost.

Experts come under one roof to overcome the challenges in drug delivery. We have global infrastructure, therapeutic expertise and unmatched commitment to quality research and development. We have the expertise to solve complex development challenges, in small or large molecules, for both branded and generic pharmaceutical companies. Our experts have worked directly with FDA and USP, both in training scientists and in developing pharmacopoeial guidelines.

Preformulation Services

Preformulation Services Material Sciences

Science-driven Quality-by-design (QbD) strategies, API-sparing techniques and platforms that can be easily adopted for expedited pharmaceutical development.

Preclinical Biological Testing Services

molecular imagingMolecular Imaging

Preclinical in vivo imaging technologies for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device applications.


Modulating the biochemical and physiological determinants of drug absorption, distribution and elimination to improve targeted bioavailability.

Formulation Development Services

Formulation Development ServicesOvercoming Tableting Issues

Designs that replace trial and error and improve the quality of results through clear understanding of flow and compaction properties of pharmaceutical drugs and excipients.

Improved Oral Bioavailability

State-of-art nanotechnology platforms for improving the permeability and oral bioavailability of hydrophobic and poorly permeable drugs.

Analytical Services

molecule structureState of the Art Analytical Skills

Extensive and coordinated analytical capabilities encompassing physical, chemical and biological testing techniques.