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The University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy team, which includes CODR's Parker Johnson, presented a poster (Antibiotic Stewardship in a Small Hospital: Overcoming Barriers with Telemedicine) last week at the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Annual Global Conference in Seattle, part of the reward for winning first place in the ACCP Clinical Research Challenge. Each student also received a $500 cash prize and an individual plaque; the team also brought home a team trophy.


Patty Maglalang has been accepted into the College of Pharmacy Research Emphasis – Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology Track.  Completion of this emphasis will introduce her to the role pharmacy trained professionals can play in the research enterprise and give an introduction to some of the skills needed for a career in scientific research. Her mentors will be Dr. Jim Cloyd and Dr. Lisa Coles. Congratulations, Patty!

Congratulations to Irene Vuu!

Irene Vuu has been named a recipient of the 2019 James C. Cloyd Neuropharmacology Fellowship. This fellowship was awarded based on her extraordinary potential to engage in research related to clinical neuropharmacology. Congratulations, Irene!

Usha Mishra

At an event on October 4, Usha Mishra, CODR Researcher, had the opportunity to meet and talk with 2014 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Kalish Satyarthi. His goal is to end exploitation of children and child labor in the world. Quite a unique opportunity!

On September 27, Natalie Schmitz, PharmD, ECP graduate student and mentee of Jim Cloyd successfully defended her PhD dissertation entitled “Orphan Drug Development: The Regulatory, Economic, and Scientific Aspects of Intravenous Baclofen.” Her seminar attracted a large audience of faculty and students, was well designed and presented.

The Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology is pleased to announce that Dr. Lisa Coles and Dr. Reena Kartha are newly appointed as Research Assistant Professors within the department.  Both have been working as researchers in the Center for Orphan Drug Research and will continue to do so in their new roles. 

james cloyd

James Cloyd has been selected to receive the Sumner J. Yaffe Lifetime Achievement Award in Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics by the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group.

Established in 2002 in honor of the late Dr. Sumner Yaffe, the award is given annually in recognition of significant and sustained contributions toward the improvement of children's health through the field of pediatric pharmacology and therapeutics.

scientist with test tube in lab

A new formulation for a University of Minnesota-developed drug targeted at rare disorders is under development, with the potential to help a small number of Americans each year. The new drug formulation is designed to prevent serious complications that can occur when drug delivery is interrupted.

Rare Disease Day logo

Nearly 30 million people in the United States suffer from conditions classified as “rare diseases” – defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as conditions affecting fewer than 200,000 people.

While some bear names you’ve likely never heard of, other examples may surprise you. Huntington’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome and muscular dystrophy are all classified as rare diseases. In all, more than 6,000 medical disorders are considered rare.