Research Conferences

We host a variety of speakers throughout the academic year to share information about rare disease research and industry. Seminars are free and open to the public. No advance RSVP is required.

All Seminars will be held virtually on Zoom

Date Speaker Department Title
1/21/2021 11:15-12:30 Julie Leon

MN Chapter of the Turner Syndrome Society

Living with Turner Syndrome

2/4/2021 11:15-12:30 David Margraf ECP Quantitative Methods for Evidence Building in Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research
2/18/2021, 11:15-12:30 Jae Roh ECP

Dietary Supplements in patients with lysosomal storage disease

3/4/2021, 12:15-1:30 Chenwei Yan ECP The Adrenoleukodystrophy National Registry Study
3/18/2021, 11:15-12:30 Bob Kriel ECP

The Covid-19 Pandemic: Ethical Issues

14/1/2021, 11:15-12:30 Daniel Kenney  Neurology  

Epilepsy and Neurodevelopment in Cardiofaciocutaneous Syndrome

4/15/2021, 11:15-12:30 CANCELED