Richard Shneur, College Board

Richard ShneurMy name is Richard Shneur and I am currently a third year on the Twin Cities campus. I have had the privilege of serving as the President of College Board the student government for College of Pharmacy Students. My first observation in leading this organization is both the size and reach of College Board. As the student government we represent over 600 students on the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses to the College of Pharmacy administration, other professional schools, as well as the greater University of Minnesota community.  Another observation I have had from leading College Board, is the vast amount of things that the students and their organizations accomplish ranging from professional development to community engagement and everything in between.  Since College Board has representatives from each organization I have been directly able to observe the starting of new initiatives and collaboration that College Board has been able to support.  

Upon graduation, I hope to pursue a career path that focuses on delivering the best health outcomes in the most efficient manner for large patient populations. To this end, I plan on completing either a fellowship in the pharmaceutical industry or a managed care residency.