Pam Jahnke, SCOA

I am a current PD2 student on the Duluth Campus.  I first became interested in the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) after hearing from upperclassmen about their experiences with the USPHS and working for the Indian Health Service over the previous summer. 

As one of the leaders’ for the organization this year, I have learned more about my own personal leadership and communication style. I have also learned how awareness there already is at the UMN-College of Pharmacy about careers and opportunities in the USPHS compared to other schools. I hope that in the future we will also be able to raise awareness of these opportunities with other Pharmacy schools and/or health care students such as nursing, med students, OT, PT, etc.  After graduation, I am strongly considering a career with the USPHS, especially with Indian Health Services, though I am also considering other careers that allow me to work with underserved populations or work in population or public health.