Maria Shiue, Kappa Psi Delta Psi

As the leading regent for Kappa Psi Delta Psi, I find myself honored to be the facilitator of a highly progressive and active group of brothers within this professional pharmaceutical fraternity. While I may lead in the spirit of organization, I find that every individual brings forth the fervor of contribution in many ways, whether that may be through philanthropic endeavors, or through dedicated efforts to the strong foundation of our professional and academic pursuits. 

The decision to accept leadership in Delta Psi was solidified when I began working with other members, whose stalwart dedication to community service and education aligned with my own. As a first generation immigrant and now citizen to the U.S., I realize how my appreciation for educational freedom can manifest greater benefit by supporting others who hope to fulfill the same potential. 

I have maintained this philosophy through many professions, having contributed both to the fields of research and education before my time at the College of Pharmacy, and I strive to propagate the same goals within Delta Psi and the profession of pharmacy. Naturally, I also feel strongly for the potential of our healthcare system to evolve and hope to be a contributing factor. As I aspire never to be stagnant within this profession, I aim to offer my efforts in bridging the gap of healthcare disparities and in pushing for the educational advancement of patients, colleagues, and myself in all of my future endeavors.