James Hwang, Rho Chi

My name is James Hwang and I am currently a PD3 in the Duluth campus as well as the president of Rho Chi this year. Overall, it was a rewarding and a grateful experience being the president of an organization this year. As the president of both campuses, there were some communication challenges, but we were able to organize many events regardless of distance. E-board members in both campuses were awesome in getting things done and I am extremely grateful for all the work that they had done. One example that I could think of is when Rho Chi had to be in charge of funding the entire research symposium this year.

Traditionally, the school had paid the majority of the research day, but since it was not a mandatory event for the students anymore, Rho Chi had to come up with the funds to hold the research day, which was estimated around $9000. Nonetheless, the research symposium coordinators, vice-presidents, treasurers, and other E-board members worked hard and we were able to miraculously raise the money this year.

Additionally, Rho Chi was able to start many new initiatives this year, such as adopting the Student Information Network and the Pharmacotherapy Refresher class for the PD3 class. Our income this year was significantly decreased, but we were able to adjust appropriately the events that Rho Chi had been in part of due to collective effort from the E-board. Overall, this experience taught me that dual campus organizations can be effective with effort and effective communication.

My personal aspiration is to have a career, where I could make meaningful impacts in others' healthcare. Hospital pharmacy has been something that has fascinated me throughout pharmacy school, and is an area that I want to pursue as of now.