Dustin Kakach, Kappa Psi

My name is Dustin Kakach and I am currently a 3rd year PharmD student concurrently working on my Masters in Healthcare Informatics. Previously, I have served as the Vice President of the Epsilon chapter of Kappa Psi and I am currently the President of our local organization. From my perspective, leadership within our chapter has been equal parts challenging and rewarding. Challenging, because we have such a large, diverse group of individuals, often making it difficult to bring everyone together as a singular and cohesive mindset. The flip-side of this challenge, is the rewarding aspect of finding new ways to motivate people and improve upon systems that are frequently considered a solidified tradition.

Making tough (occasionally unpopular) decisions is an ingrained component of leadership that takes some getting used to. Thankfully, each experience, whether a success or mistake, is a chance to learn something, either about yourself or about others. I have personally used these leadership experiences to push myself to the limits of my understanding, flexibility, and humility. Leadership is rarely easy, but it is extremely rewarding and is something that I recommend to everyone if given the chance.

While I don’t currently have a concrete plan for my post-educational endeavors, I am interested in building my own pharmaceutical care practice. I feel that this would allow me to benefit the health and welfare of my community in a more direct capacity, as well as utilize my scholastic training to its fullest capacity. I strongly believe that my leadership experiences will have a positive and long-lasting impact on both my future practice and my interactions with patients and providers.