Dane Mellgren, Phi Delta Chi

My name is Dane Mellgren and I am the current Worth Chief Counselor (President) of Phi Delta Chi Fraternity (PDX).  I am currently a 3rd year student here in the PharmD program and have been a member of Phi Delta Chi since my first year of pharmacy school.  During my tenure in PDX our Chapter has gone through a period of very rapid and steady growth which I believe to be due to the welcoming environment we have grown within the Chapter. 

The extensive involvement of our members within the many other student groups has also made PDX a very visible group within the College of Pharmacy.  This rapid growth has provided a number of challenges to leadership as we have had to adjust our approach with the changing status of our group but, of all the challenges that we face as leaders I believe those that are the result of growth are the best challenges to have. 

My own professional aspirations are currently to attain a Clinical Pharmacy Residency upon graduation from the College of Pharmacy and I know that the experiences I have gained while working with my fellow leaders of Phi Delta Chi will certainly guide me in future practice.