Leadership Ambassadors

pharmacist consulting with patientsIn 2010, it was envisioned that creating Leadership Ambassador (LAs) positions within the College of Pharmacy could generate enthusiasm for leadership development opportunities within the College. LAs work to spread excitement about creating positive change not only within the profession of pharmacy, but within the larger theater of healthcare.

The Leadership Ambassadors are dedicated to empowering pharmacy students at the University of Minnesota to be strong leaders in the profession of pharmacy by:

  1. making leadership opportunities within the College more visible and
  2. encouraging students to invest in their own leadership development.


Patrick Hoheisel
Class of 2017

Jill Spitzmueller
Class of 2016

Angela Yarbrough
Class of 2016


Jessica Astrup
Class of 2014, TC

Kathryn Gustafson
Class of 2015, Duluth

Tony Olson
Class of 2015, Duluth

Alicia Ronk
Class of 2015, TC


Sarah Anderson
Class of 2013, TC

Sarah Ertl
Class of 2013, D

Brittany Karns
Class of 2013, D


Laura Palombi
Class of 2012, D

Jena Torpin
Class of 2012, TC