Student Champion of Change Award

For more information, please contact:

Kerry Fierke, EdD

This recognition will be awarded each semester to a College of Pharmacy student or team for fostering positive, impactful and lasting change in the college and its surrounding communities.

Co-directed by Dean Marilyn Speedie and Lowell Anderson, the CLHC offers leadership development for current students, alumni and practicing pharmacists with a goal of creating a national platform for developing pharmacist leaders, and for leading change in both practice and policy.

The CLHC firmly affirms that an individual's ability to lead change does not require position or title, but rather a dogged pursuit to positively alter their environment by obtaining the knowledge and developing the confidence to create desirable change they envision in whatever professional setting they work.

In pursuit of its mission, the CLHC has created the Student Champions of Change Award.

Application Criteria, Eligibility, and Process


Applications will be reviewed by members of the CLHC and assessed according to these criteria:

  1. Positive
  2. Impactful
  3. Lasting


All College of Pharmacy students are eligible for the award which can be for any change brought about by that individual (projects, establishing procedures, etc.).

Application Process

The online application is composed of five short answer questions. Students may and are encouraged to nominate themselves.

Apply online

Winners and Nominees - Spring 2016

Award recipients:
Derek Borkowski and Richard Shneur - Promoting College Board
Liz Hanson and Courtney Murphy - Coordinators for the Duluth Student Resource Center

Jamie Katzenmeyer - Organized Second Annual Murder Mystery Dinner to Raise Money for the Relay for Life
Laura Halsey - Advocate for Educational Improvement
Anjoli Punjabi and Laura Halsey - PLS Strength Initiative
Lauren Kaldun - Children's Health Initiative Project (CHIP) and Leadership Development