Robert Schultz

Robert Schultz Robert Schultz
Pharmacist Leader in Medical Device
President and COO of REVA Medical (
February 3, 2011

Robert Schultz has a B.S. degree in Pharmacy and a PhD in Pharmaceutics from the University of Minnesota. President and COO of REVA Medical since 2003, Dr. Schultz is responsible for the development of a proprietary anti-restenotic compound to be used in conjunction with angioplasty balloons and coronary stents. After receiving his professional degree in 1979 from the college, Dr. Schultz first worked as a hospital pharmacist at United Hospital in St. Paul. In 1980 he joined 3M Riker where he participated in the development of sustained release tablets and liquids. In 1988 he joined the Aerosol Department of 3M Pharmaceuticals where he established and led the technical group focused on replacement of CFC propellants in metered-dose inhalers (MDIs). During this time working in industry, Dr. Schultz also earned his PhD In 1994 Dr. Schultz joined Dura Pharmaceuticals as the Vice President of Product Development. In 2001 Dr. Schultz joined REVA Medical. Dr. Schultz has published and presented on the technical and regulatory issues surrounding the formulation and development of MDIs and dry powder inhalers (DPIs) and on the difficulties associated with CFC-replacement efforts.