Mike Wokasch

Mike WokaschMike Wokasch
Pharmacist Leader in Pharma Industry
Wokasch Consulting, LLC, Author of Pharmaplasia™ (published June 2010) and Author of www.PharmaReform.com
April 4, 2011 - Presentation

Mike Wokasch is a 1978 graduate of the U of M College of Pharmacy. Mike started his career as a hospital pharmacist, working for the U.S. Public Health Service. He then began a 30-year career in Pharma, starting as a pharmaceutical sales rep. Since then he has held positions at several large pharmaceutical companies including Merck, Abbott, Chiron, and Bayer. He has an impressive track record of commercial success including leading the marketing of the US launch of the blockbuster antibiotic Cipro® (ciprofloxacin) and helping with the launch of Biaxin® (clarithromycin). Mr. Wokasch has also been an executive at a number of smaller technology based companies including Promega, PanVera and Aurora Biosciences (Vertex subsidiaries), He was Corporate SVP and President of the global early development division of Covance, headquartered in Madison, WI. He is author of the recently published book, Pharmaplasia™, which addresses the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry over the past several decades and the need for change. He identifies root causes of missteps of the past and presents provocative solutions for returning the industry to a healthy future in anticipation of increasing challenges in the new healthcare market. He enjoys speaking about the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry and authors a blog at www.PharmaReform.com