Brian Bullock

Brian BullockBrian Bullock
Founder & CEO, Burchfield Group
April 14, 2015
12:15-1:15 p.m.
1-450 Moos Tower, Twin Cities campus
(simulcast to 163/165 LifeSciences, Duluth campus)

Brian Bullock, RPh, MBA, is founder and CEO of The Burchfield Group. Before starting this business, he was senior vice president, sales and marketing at Pharmacy Gold (now known as Prime Therapeutics), the pharmacy benefit management subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, and vice president of benefit management services for Scrip Card/HCPP in Dallas, Texas.

During his 30-year career, Brian has practiced community pharmacy, served on the administrative faculty for a school of pharmacy, and managed pharmacy operations for a start-up franchise program. He is a graduate of the Medical College of Virginia School of Pharmacy, and was awarded his MBA degree at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Brian has served in numerous leadership capacities for the American Pharmacists Association and is a member of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy.