Brad Stanius

Brad Stanius

Pharmacist Leader in Public Policy and Business
Oct. 27, 2011
CoP CLHC Leadership Conversations StaniusBrad Stanius received his B.S degree from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in 1970.

He began his career as a pharmacist with Target and then purchased Payne Ivy Pharmacy in 1976. Stanius also served as the first CEO of Pharmacy Network of Minnesota sponsored by MSPHA and 420 pharmacies statewide.

Stanius began his political career while simultaneously continuing his professional career as a pharmacy owner. He was elected to the White Bear Lake City Council and two years later was elected Mayor of White Bear Lake where he served six years. He also served on the board of directors of the Municipal Legislative Commission and the Board of the Association of Metropolitan Communities.

Stanius sold his pharmacy in 1984 and served for 10 years as a member of the Minnesota State House of Representatives. As the only elected health care practicing member of the House, Stanius was asked to serve on the Health and Human Services (HHS) division of the Appropriations Committee as well as the HHS policy committee. He was a member of the Judiciary, Insurance and Commerce Committees.

Stanius returned to the private sector to head Smarte Carte Inc., successfully growing this company to the world’s largest provider of lockers, strollers and airport cart rental systems including all U.S. and Australian commercial opportunities. He has been the CEO or Executive Chairman for the private equity company, Castle Harlan Inc. These investments include Smarte Carte Inc. (White Bear Lake, MN), Worldwide Flight Service (Dallas, Texas.) and Gravograph, (Atlanta, Ga.) with a combined revenue of $1 billion with over 20,000 employees, and 60 subsidiaries around the globe.

He has received numerous awards for his leadership and dedication to pharmacy and health care including the prestigious Bowl of Hygia Award and the Minnesota Pharmacy Distinguished Pharmacist award. He is currently an investor.