Grant Anderson, PhD

Associate Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Grant Anderson

Contact Info

Office Phone 218-726-6007

Fax 218-726-6500

Office Address:
225 Life Science, Duluth

Mailing Address:
University of Minnesota
College of Pharmacy, Duluth
Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences
232 Life Science
1110 Kirby Drive
Duluth, MN 55812-3003

Administrative Assistant Name
Anna Foster

Administrative Email

Fellowship Training, University of Minnesota

PhD in Microbiology, University of Minnesota

BS in Microbiology, Genetics and Cell Biology, University of Minnesota



Thyroid Hormone, Brain Development, Blood Brain Barrier, Drug Transport and Metabolism, Lipid Metabolism

Professional Associations

  • American Thyroid Association
  • The Endocrine Society
  • International Brain Barriers Society


Research Summary/Interests

  • Thyroid Hormone
  • Brain Development
  • Blood Brain Barrier
  • Drug Transport and Metabolism
  • Iron Deficiency
  • Autophagy and Neurologic Disease


  • Kara NZ, Agam G, Anderson GW, Zitron N, Einat H. Lack of effect of chronic ketamine administration on depression-like behavior or frontal cortex autophagy in female and male ICR mice. (2016) Behavioral Brain Research. In press PMID: 27686025
  • Hager K, St. Hill C, Prunuske J, Swanoski M, Anderson GW, Lutfiyya MN. Development of an interprofessional and interdisciplinary collaborative research practice for clinical faculty. (2016) Journal of Interprofessional Care. 30(2):265-7. PMID:26934068
  • Spring SR, Bastian TW, Wang Y, Kosian P, Anderson GW, Gilbert ME. Thyroid hormone-dependent formation of a subcortical band heterotopia (SBH) in the neonatal brain is not exacerbated under conditions of low dietary iron (FeD). (2016) Neurotoxicology and Teratology. 56:41-6. PMID: 27216871
  • Bastian TW, Santarriaga S, Nguyen TA, Prohaska JR, Georgieff MK, Anderson GW. Fetal and neonatal iron deficiency but not copper deficiency increases vascular complexity in the developing brain. (2015) Nutritional Neuroscience. 18(8):365-75. PMID: 26177275
  • Prunuske JP, St. Hill CA, Hager KD, Lemieux AM, Swanoski MT, Anderson GW, Lutfiyya M. Opioid prescribing patterns for non-malignant chronic pain for rural versus non-rural US adults: A population-based study using 2010 NAMCS data. (2014) BMC Health Services Research. 14(1): 563-70. PMID:25407745.
  • Bastian TW, Prohaska JR, Georgieff MK, Anderson GW. Fetal and neonatal iron deficiency exacerbates mild thyroid hormone insufficiency effects on male thyroid hormone levels and brain thyroid hormone-responsive gene expression. (2014) Endocrinology. 155(3):1157-67. PMID: 24424046
  • Bianco AC, Anderson GW, Forrest D, Galton VA, Gereben B, Kim BW, Kopp P, Liao X, Obregon MJ, Refetoff S, Sharlin DS, Simonides WS, Weiss RE, Williams GR. American thyroid association guide to investigating thyroid hormone economy and action in rodent and cell models. (2014). Thyroid. 24(1):88-168. PMID:24001133
  • Kara NZ, Toker L, Agam G, Anderson GW, Belmaker RH, Einat H. Trehalose induced antidepressant-like effects and autophagy enhancement in mice. (2013) Psychopharmacology. 229(2):367-75 PMID:23644913
  • Bastian TW, Anderson JA, Fretham SJ, Prohaska JR, Georgieff MK, Anderson GW. Fetal and neonatal iron deficiency reduces thyroid hormone-responsive gene mRNA levels in the neonatal rat hippocampus and cerebral cortex. (2012) Endocrinology. 153(11): 5668-80.
  • Bastian TW, Prohaska JR, Georgieff MK, Anderson GW. Perinatal iron and copper deficiencies alter neonatal rat circulating and brain thyroid hormone concentrations. (2010) Endocrinology. 151(8):4055-65. PMID:20573724
  • Westholm DE, Marold JD, Viken KJ, Duerst AH, Anderson GW, Rumbley JN. Evidence of evolutionary conservation of function between the thyroxine transporter Oatp1c1 and major facilitator superfamily members. (2010) Endocrinology. 151(12): 5941-51.



Phar 6724, Immune System and Infectious Disease
Phar 6752, Integrated Endocrinology