Evgenyi Shalaev, PhD

Adjunct Pharmaceutics Faculty, Department of Pharmaceutics

Evgenyi Shalaev

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Office Phone 714-246-3372

Mailing Address:
Allergan, Inc.
2525 DuPont St.
Irvine, CA 92612

Adjunct Pharmaceutics Faculty, Department of Pharmaceutics

PhD in Chemistry, Institute of Molecular Biology, Russia

MSc in Chemistry, Omsk State University

BS in Chemistry, Omsk State University


Dr. Evgenyi Shalaev's research efforts are focused on applications of physical chemical principles to drug development and manufacturing, covering a broad range of pharmaceutical R&D such as pre-formulation and formulation development for immediate and controlled release dosage forms, lyophilization development and scale-up, and solid state characterization and stability of proteins and small molecular weight drugs. Current research interests include:

  • Role of water in solid-state chemical stability of proteins and small molecules
  • Advanced analytical methods (e.g., small-angle neutron and X-ray scattering) for characterization of various pharmaceuticals including small molecules and proteins, drug substance and drug product, and solutions, solids, and dispersed systems
  • Phase transitions during freezing and drying
  • Optimization of lyophilization processes

Dr. Shalaev is an Executive Director at Allergan, Inc.



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