C. Leigh Allen, PhD

Assistant to Department Head, Department of Medicinal Chemistry

C. Leigh Allen

Contact Info


Office Phone 612-626-6317

Assistant to Department Head, Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Assistant to Director, Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development

Postdoctoral, Structural Biology, North Carolina State University, 2016

Postdoctoral, Structural Biology/X-ray Crystallography, Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute, 2014

PhD, Chemistry, Duke University, 2011

BS, Chemistry, Wake Forest University, 2006


I have been involved in scientific research since 2003, which has included organic synthesis, purification, molecular biology, protein biochemistry, x-ray crystallography, assay development and NMR dynamics. Now, I have stepped away from the bench to assist Dr. Gunda Georg in grant and project management, as well as with her roles as Medicinal Chemistry Department Head and ITDD Director.




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