Spirit of the Century Mortar Club Founders' Award

Tom McKennell's Daughter Judy

Judy Speltz, daughter of Tom McKennell, accepted the award on his behalf.

Tom McKennell (awarded posthumously)

As CMC Secretary-Treasurer following Frank DiGangi, Tom McKennell immersed himself in his CMC role, working long hours on behalf of the organization. In doing this, he essentially became the CMC, working with the many strong leaders who assisted him. During Tom’s CMC leadership time, the CMC funded the CMC Chair in Pharmacy Management, bringing Steve Schondelmeyer to the college, and also funded classroom and laboratory space in the college. Tom’s dedication and commitment to the CMC and the College of Pharmacy were extraordinary.

Doris Calhoun

Succeeding Tom McKennell as CMC secretary/treasurer, Doris Calhoun’s time as head of the CMC was characterized by her CMC passion, her caring, her membership focus, and her relentless striving for CMC success. With her hard work ethic and organizational skills, she was a truly dedicated CMC leader. She was called a “wonderfully caring leader whose tireless CMC efforts deserve CMC recognition.” 


About the Award

The Spirit of the Century Mortar Club Founders' Award is given in recognition of an individual or group demonstrating the spirit of the CMC Founders in supporting the experiences and opportunities of student pharmacists.

Previous Award Recipients

  • 2018: Bill Hodapp