Above and Beyond Award

Ron Caple and Robert Carlson

The support that the College of Pharmacy, pharmacy, prospective pharmacy students and pharmacists have received from Ron Caple and Robert Carlson over the past half-century is exceptional. They not only have advised hundreds of prospective pharmacy students and hosted recruiting visits, but they were strong supporters of the College when it expanded to the University of Minnesota campus in Duluth. They have always been behind-the-scenes advocates for pharmacy and the College.

Ron Caple is a distinguished educator who is renowned for his efforts to create peace through scientific research and had close to four decades of international collaborations with Russia, Vietnam, China and Cuba. 

Robert Carlson is also a distinguished educator who has had many key administrative positions on the University of Minnesota Duluth campus, including Vice Chancellor for Academic Administration.

Both Ron Caple and Robert Carlson have a history of strong support for the pharmacy profession and the College of Pharmacy.

About the Award

This award recognizes individuals for their enduring support for the College of Pharmacy and/or the University of Minnesota. Recipients exemplify commitment, leadership and service.

Past Award Recipients

The 2019 winners were the first to receive this award. We look forward to adding recipients to this list in the future.