U of M Outstanding Achievement Award

2016 Recipient: Richard (Dick) Bertin

Dick BertinDr. Bertin received his Master of Science Degree in Hospital Pharmacy from the University of Minnesota in 1967, and his Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Pharmacy Administration from the University in 1976. In receiving the latter degree, Dr. Bertin was one of the first graduates of the University of Minnesota’s prestigious Social and Administrative Pharmacy graduate program.
His accomplishments have been in two major areas, the United States Public Health Service, the Federal Agency responsible for the public health of America, and the Board of Pharmacy Specialties. During his 30-year PHS career, he was both the Chief Pharmacist Officer of the PHS and also the director of the PHS division of commissioned personnel. Reaching the position of Assistant Surgeon General at the grade of Rear Admiral.
While he was the chief pharmacist officer of the PHS, Dr. Bertin also was director of the Orphan Products Grant Program for over four years. In this role, he served as manager of a $12.5 million U.S. Food and Drug Administration grant program.

About The Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award is the University of Minnesota's highest award given to alumni. It is conferred upon former students of the University who have attained distinction in their chosen fields or professions or in public service, and who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership on a community, state, national, or international level.

Alumni who receive the award are chosen by the University's Board of Regents based upon prior approval of the of the All-University Honors Committee.

Award Recipients

2016: Richard Bertin
2014: Jeanette Roberts
2013: Norrie Thomas
2011: Kenneth L. Evenstad
2011: Judith Jacobi
2011: Bruce Paddock
2010: John Middleton
2000: Kathleen D. Lake
1999: Mahmoud Abdel-Monem
1999: Kuo-Hsiung Lee
1998: J. Lyle Bootman
1998: Lucinda L. Maine
1998: Henri R. Manasse, Jr.
1996: Lowell J. Anderson
1996: Maurice L. Spiegel
1985: Raymond E. Counsell
1985: Allen I. White
1983: Jack R. Cole
1980: Aubin Heyndrickx
1978: Hazel E. Landeen
1975: Michael J. Martell
1974: Olav J. Braendon
1969: Harold W. Pratt
1964: Chauncey I. Cooper
1964: Samuel S. Grais
1961: James H. Boothe
1960: Herman W. Leitzow
1959: Charles H. Rogers
1959: Theodore H. Rowell, Sr.
1959: Coy W. Waller
1956: George E. Crossen
1956: Olive H. Crosthwait
1951: John W. Dargavel
1951: Frank E. Moudry
1951: Marvin R. Thompson