Pharmacy Alumni Society Mentor of the Year Award

Allison Sleem

In nominating Allison Sleem, her student nominator indicated that she could tell that she “wanted me to succeed” and was genuinely interested in her pharmacy career journey. She cited Alison for being open with her, being more than happy to answer questions and giving her honest feedback. The student mentioned how willing Allison was to meet with her and her interest in possible questions that the student could have. According to the student, “She encouraged me to learn more and to find my path.”

Keri Hager

College of Pharmacy faculty member Keri Hager’s enthusiastic student nominator in Duluth stated, “I really could not have been paired with a better mentor,” She went on to describe how much about Pharmacy she learned from Keri and how wide-reaching their mentoring relationship was. She indicated how Keri was extremely encouraging, believed in her and wanted her to succeed. The student stated Keri introduced her to many “incredible” pharmacists and helped her to decide about potential pharmacy areas to pursue. The student nominator continued, “…I know our relationship will continue to grow throughout my time in pharmacy school.”

About the Award

The Mentor of the Year is an individual who has shown support of the mentoring program and its goals; has demonstrated a genuine interest in mentoring students; is willing to spend time in mentoring students; and has created a positive mentoring experience for students. The award is sponsored by the Pharmacy Alumni Society.


Award Recipients

Tim Affeldt
Joel Amundson
Ben Anderson
Tracy Anderson-Haag
Elliot Ballance
Steve Bealka
Eric Bergquist
Carla Brink
Rod Carter
Marilyn Eelkema
Tiffany Elton
Anne Gerdes
Audrey Imberg
Chris Jolowsky
Fadoua Kushner
William Larson
Corey Leinum
Gina Lemke
Darlette Luke
Joe Meese
Kelly Moritz
Michele Okposo
John Pastor
Amy Paver
Kenrea Perell
Gary Raines
Scott Setzepfandt
Kelly Sioris
Dick Spehar
Dan Tomaszewski
Ann Yapel