Pharmacy Alumni Society Mentor of the Year Award

Jeff ShapiroJeff Shapiro

According to nominator, Reid Larson, Jeff should receive the Mentor of the Year award as he has become increasingly involved in mentoring first-year student pharmacists and precepting fourth-year students in a unique career pathway that highlights both patient-centered care and legislative advocacy. Jeff is a pharmacist at Leafline Labs in Hibbing. Reid noted that Jeff is a strong advocate for his patients and the profession.

Mark EdwardsMark Edwards

A Fairview hospital pharmacist, Mark was praised by his nominator, Megan Fahy, for creating a welcoming environment, making it easy for her to ask questions, and showing interest in her and her professional goals. She stated, “I think Mark was a terriffc mentor, and he couldn’t have done a better job. He deserves this award hands down.” Megan also noted that Mark was very helpful in providing advice about job seeking and it was evident he was he really enjoys his career from his enthusiasm.

About the Award

The Mentor of the Year is an individual who has shown support of the mentoring program and its goals; has demonstrated a genuine interest in mentoring students; is willing to spend time in mentoring students; and has created a positive mentoring experience for students. The award is sponsored by the Pharmacy Alumni Society.


Award Recipients

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Tracy Anderson-Haag
Elliot Ballance
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