Pharmacy Alumni Society Mentee of the Year Award

PAS Mentee of the Year Award Recipients 

Johanna Katroscik

Nominated by Essentia health pharmacist, Danielle McDonald, Johanna Katroscik is recognized for “approaching her mentoring experience with sincere and genuine interest, displaying persistent enthusiasm and appreciation, and being invested in the experience and relationship.” Danielle noted that Johanna displayed persistent enthusiasm and appreciation in pursuing her interests, including furthering exposure to direct patient care practice, a desire to serve her community, a curiosity about post-graduate residency training, and asked for guidance on how to intentionally choose extracurricular involvement, and gaining an appreciation of the balance between academic and experiential learning.

About the Award

Sponsored by the Pharmacy Alumni Society, Mentors nominate individuals based on their engagement in the Pharmacy Mentor Program and its goals; demonstration of a genuine interest in being mentored; willingness to spend time with the volunteer mentor; and creation of a positive mentoring experience.