Pharmacy Alumni Society Mentee of the Year Award

Jazmin Belknap

Jazmin BelknapJazmin Belknap, was nominated by faculty member and MNPACC group leader, Dr. Tom Shier. He cited Jazmin as being an interested, engaged, organized, passionate and outgoing person with a very promising future as a leader in pharmacy. According to Dr. Shier, Jazmin is an exceptional person.

Sara Luhrs

Sara LuhrsSara Luhrs was nominated by Keri Hager, as Sara’s faculty-member leader from MNPACC. Dr. Hager reported that Sara was a dependable and responsible leader who deftly organized the group and Zoom conversations, and was an active MNPACC participant. Dr. Hager commented that she looks forward to staying connected with Sara as she graduates in May 2022.

About the Award

Sponsored by the Pharmacy Alumni Society, Mentors nominate individuals based on their engagement in the Pharmacy Mentor Program and its goals; demonstration of a genuine interest in being mentored; willingness to spend time with the volunteer mentor; and creation of a positive mentoring experience.