Pharmacy Alumni Society Mentee of the Year Award

PAS Mentee of the Year Award Recipients 

Lauren Leddy

Lauren Leddy’s nominator stated that she was nominating Lauren because she was very capable and eagerly overcame any challenge presented to a nontraditional mentorship with a pharmaceutical pharmacist. She commended Lauren on her willingness to be flexible and how she was able to conduct herself professionally with everyone she met ranging from healthcare professionals to experienced sales people and how open she was to learning opportunities. According to the nominator, “…I do look forward to remaining in contact with Lauren over the next few years in a less formal manner as she makes her way toward graduation.”

About the Award

Sponsored by the Pharmacy Alumni Society, Mentors nominate individuals based on their engagement in the Pharmacy Mentor Program and its goals; demonstration of a genuine interest in being mentored; willingness to spend time with the volunteer mentor; and creation of a positive mentoring experience.