Pharmacy Alumni Society Distinguished Pharmacist Award

Robert Nordin

Robert Nordin Robert Nordin has an over 45 year pharmacy career in leadership positions in hospital and institutional settings.  This career has included new practice settings, medical technology and training efforts. Bob is a 1967 pharmacy alumnus who has established a truly distinguished record of pharmacy leadership and volunteer service. In being selected to receive the Pharmacy Alumni Society's Distinguished Pharmacist Award, he is receiving a unique award based on the voting of past award recipients. Bob has been a popular hospital director in several Twin City area hospitals and most recently served as volunteer president of the Metropolitan Professional Pharmacist Society for a number of years. There, he successfully led this group of largely retired pharmacists through the pandemic by leading monthly Zoom meetings with participants from Minnesota, and elsewhere in the country and the world.  Bob has been president of MSHP, Metropolitan Professional Pharmacist Society, and has participated in medical mission trips to Haiti and the Dominican Republic and built houses with Habitat for Humanity. While Bob has a rich record of professional and volunteer accomplishments, he also is someone who is genuinely respected and admired by those who know him as evidenced by this recognition.


About the Award

Nominations are received from past Distinguished Pharmacist Award recipients and the current Pharmacy Alumni Board of Directors. This award is sponsored by the Pharmacy Alumni Society.

Distinguished Pharmacist Award candidates are preferably an alumnus of the University of Minnesota and preferably a non-academic pharmacist who has demonstrated outstanding leadership or contributions to the practice of pharmacy, healthcare, the College of Pharmacy, the University of Minnesota, the Pharmacy Alumni Society or a combination of these, and is a community leader and involved in civic affairs.

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