Century Mortar Club Student Award

Rowan MahonRowan Mahon

Rowan was praised for her successful efforts in getting state legislation passed related to the handling of unused drugs. She began her effort to develop a medication repository about two years ago and, after much hard work and persistence, the Minnesota legislature passed a bill that was signed by Governor Walz in May. Despite setbacks along the way, Rowan was cited for her resilience, continued passion, positivity and persistence in realizing her dream. Her efforts will result in major monetary savings for patients. 

Carolyn O'DonnellCarolyn O’Donnell

Carolyn was cited for her superior and extensive work as a teaching assistant, her research assistant efforts, her leadership, her outstanding work as a researcher and author, and her professional promise. According to her nominator, “…Carolyn’s passion, drive and communication have already made a leadership mark on her faculty, her colleagues, and the community. She has made such outstanding contributions to the profession, the College, and the students…She is truly amazing.”


About the Award

This award is for a professional student who has exhibited a commitment to promote and advance the practice of pharmacy.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2018: Kyler Anderson
  • 2018: Kayla Mills
  • 2017: Kelsey Melgaard
  • 2017: Joanna Maki
  • 2016: Courtney Murphy
  • 2016: Richard Schneur
  • 2015: Rebecca Pulk
  • 2013: Holly Christianson
  • 2012: Liz Yang
  • 2011: Charalette Mathwig
  • 2010: Amie Digatano
  • 2009: Alison Knutson
  • 2007: Annette Von Vett
  • 2006: Susan Haight
  • 2005: Cari Wiberg
  • 2004: Bryan Brock
  • 2003: Jean Huh
  • 2002: Craig Scanlan
  • 2001: Michelle Kim