Century Mortar Club Friend of the College Award

Diane Witten

Diane WittenDianne Wittenrecently retired from Essentia Health as the pharmacy director. In the words of a former student, “She is truly committed to being a leader within the organization.” Dianne has been an outstanding Leadership Network Partner and a Preceptor for the Leadership Emphasis Program since its inception in 2008. Her work in advancing community and ambulatory pharmacy practice has impacted much of Greater MN. She advocated for and executed a strong partnership with the college throughout her tenure at Essentia.

About the Award

Friend of the College is awarded to individual/s who have provided outstanding support and/or service to the College of Pharmacy and its students; shown leadership or the potential for leadership in initiatives supporting the College of Pharmacy and its students; and have demonstrated volunteerism and a high level of participation in activities supporting the College of Pharmacy and its students. The award is sponsored by the Century Mortar Club.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2020 Denise Frank
  • 2020 Gina Lemke
  • 2019 Marilyn Eelkema
  • 2018: Dee Weaver
  • 2017: Cody Wiberg
  • 2016: Ann Yapel
  • 2015: Bob Setzer
  • 2014: Michael Hillmeyer
  • 2013: Tiffany Elton
  • 2012: Marsha Millonig
  • 2012: Scott Setzepfandt
  • 2011: Dale Olson
  • 2010: Linnea Forsell
  • 2009: Bill Diers
  • 2008: Barry Krelitz
  • 2008: Karl Leupold
  • 2007: James Alexander
  • 2006: Tom Nilsson
  • 2005: Dave Holmstrom