Century Mortar Club Friend of the College Award

2018 Friend of the College Award Winner

Dee WeaverDee Weaver

As the Century Mortar Club celebrates 50 years, it is fitting that CMC recognizes Dee Weaver for her lifelong commitment to the College of Pharmacy. When Larry was Dean, Dee was at his side as “co-dean.” Her unwavering support of students is legendary. She is a regular attendee of pregame football receptions, dinners, awards programs, UMAA chapter meetings, and an endless variety of College of Pharmacy activities. The College of Pharmacy simply would not be the same without her.

About the Award

Friend of the College is awarded to individual/s who have provided outstanding support and/or service to the College of Pharmacy and its students; shown leadership or the potential for leadership in initiatives supporting the College of Pharmacy and its students; and have demonstrated volunteerism and a high level of participation in activities supporting the College of Pharmacy and its students. The award is sponsored by the Century Mortar Club.

Award Recipients

2018 Dee Weaver

2017 Cody Wiberg

2016 Ann Yapel

2015 Bob Setzer

2014 Michael Hillmeyer

2013 Tiffany Elton

2012 Marsha Millonig

Scott Setzepfandt

2011 Dale Olson

2010 Linnea Forsell

2009 Bill Diers

2008 Barry Krelitz

Karl Leupold

2007 James Alexander

2006 Tom Nilsson

2005 Dave Holmstrom