CMC Grant Applications

Pharmacy students at the State FairApplications for student grants are now being accepted. Only University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy students and student organizations are eligible to apply. Please be advised that individual grants for travel to professional meetings are awarded to students who have been invited to participate in a national program, or who have been chosen to represent the college at a meeting by students and/or an organization.

Grants for hosted events will only be considered if the request is to assist in costs associated with supplies, site and equipment rental, or other non-food expenditures. Per University of Minnesota policy, CMC grant funds must not be utilized by any means (directly or indirectly) for alcohol or services that provide alcohol. 

Application Process

Requests must be submitted by using below forms. Completed request applications must be submitted at least one month (30 days) prior to the event or meeting. Please submit applications and direct any questions to

Grant Application Form

In order to provide support to as many eligible applicants as possible, individual grants are generally limited to $300 per year. Event grants are awarded based on a review of budget details, so please be specific on your application for best consideration. The Century Mortar Club Student Grants Committee may award grants in other amounts (reduced or increased) in exceptional circumstances.

Student News

Melanie MahoneyMelanie Mahoney said she learned so much at the FIP World Congress in Glasgow! This year's theme was "Transforming Outcomes." She attended a variety of sessions, on topics ranging from policy and advocacy to pharmacogenomics to medicine assisted death. She also had the opportunity to network with pharmacists from around the world. In the evenings Melanie attended receptions hosted by different countries where she was able to speak to pharmacists about different healthcare systems and pharmacy practices. It was extremely eye opening to see how pharmacists are involved in healthcare in different countries. While she learned about differences, she was more surprised by our similarities. Pharmacy faces many of the same challenges around the world and it is helpful to know how much support there is in the greater pharmacy community. The knowledge, connections, and insight gained at the FIP World Congress are “priceless.” Melanie hopes to present on her experiences at an MPSO and/or MPSA meeting in the springtime, to encourage more students to participate in this international conference. 

CMC Report 2

CMC ReportElizabeth Nguyen attended the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF), an international professional advocacy organization comprised of student pharmacists from over 84 countries, with financial assistance from a CMC student grant. The theme of the IPSF World Congress 2018 in Mendoza, Argentina was “From Lab to Counter: The Different Pharmacists’ Profiles and Their Constant Contribution to Global Health.” She attended educational and scientific symposiums about pharmacology, Chagas Disease, pharmacy advocacy, and international advancement of pharmacy, to name a few. Topics also included “The Pharmacist and their role as a teacher within the Health System” and “The Pharmacist and their importance in the application and development of new scientific technologies.” Elizabeth had the pleasure of networking with the international speakers and Dr. Donald Downing from the University of Washington in Seattle, who has agreed to speak to MPSA on the topic of pharmacy advocacy.Elizabeth Nguyen






Aileen Scheibner

With financial support from CMC, Aileen Scheibner attended the American Transplant Congress (ATC), an international conference for all healthcare professions involved in transplant medicine.  ATC not only provided her with excellent lectures about transplant, but she also presented the research she conducted with Dr. Pamala Jacobson, giving an oral presentation on “Tacrolimus Elimination in Subjects with Potentially Absent CYP3A Activity.” Preparing for and giving this presentation was an educational experience in itself; the presentation went great and gave her confidence for future presentations.  This conference showed the close-knit nature of the transplant community and gave Aileen a preview of what a future career in transplant medicine could look like.

David Vermeulen’s experience in Germany


David Vermeulen’s experience in Germany with Dr. Jochen Pfeifer and Dr. Nic Förster was action-packed. He spent time in their pharmacy learning about German pharmacy practice and how they are pioneering pharmaceutical care. They also arranged for David to tour the pharmacy school at the University of Düsseldorf and meet German pharmacy students to discuss the differences in education. Perhaps most significantly, he had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Carsten König who is the Vice President of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigungen (German Physicians Association). They discussed opportunities for interprofessional collaboration between pharmacists and physicians, which led to a three-part plan devised by Dr. Pfeifer and Dr. König that will start rolling over the next few months. David received a CMC travel grant to assist with the cost of his trip.

Sofia Shrestha

Sofia Shrestha recently completed her PD3 year. Last summer, through the Melendy/Peters scholarship, she had the opportunity to work in Dr. Jeffrey Bishop’s lab to study the association of genetic variants within microRNAs on clinical and neurocognitive outcomes in first-episode psychosis patients before and after six weeks of antipsychotic treatment. She presented a poster on her findings at the Society of Biological Psychiatry (SOBP) annual conference in New York earlier this month. She learned about emerging biomarkers and targets for treatment in psychiatric disorders through oral sessions and spoke with several individuals from various professional backgrounds about current ongoing research in psychiatry. She found her experience at SOBP incredibly rewarding and not possible without the support from Dr. Jeffrey Bishop, Adam Lee, Seenae Eum, Melendy/Peters and CTSI program, and the Century Mortar Club. 

2018 Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance’s auction 2018 Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance’s auctionApproximately 100 students and 25 alumni/faculty/CMC members attended the 2018 Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance’s auction and recognition banquet on April 27th.  This student group surpassed their goal of $13,000.  The auction committee did a wonderful job planning, creating games and decorating with their Derby theme this year.  While the event is about raising funds to be used for their community outreach and professional events next year, it’s also about networking and connecting our students to professionals outside the College. 





Multicultural Interprofessional Networking Event
Multicultural Interprofessional Networking EventThe Multicultural Interprofessional Networking Event (M.I.N.E.) was a collaboration of the Multicultural Pharmacy Student Organization (MPSO) and Interprofessional Development Student Organization (IDSO). This event created a fun environment for professional students from medical, pharmacy, and social work programs to create their own networking. It also promoted the importance of cultural awareness within all the fields through a fashion show. Everyone enjoyed how they contributed and promoted different cultures in a respectful and empowering way. 


Megan Olander

Attending the Minnesota Society of Health-System Pharmacy Annual Meeting was an incredible experience for Megan Olander. She was able to network with pharmacists from across the state, learn about disruptive innovation, and share her research with others. The networking she did at this meeting was incredible; Megan set up informational interviews with some pharmacogenomic pharmacists at Mayo Clinic and met some pharmacists she will stay in contact with while continuing her leadership project on pharmacy policy and advocacy.  Her favorite presentation was Dean Welage’s talk on Disruptive Innovation. This talk really got Megan thinking about the future of pharmacy and how she, as a young prospective pharmacist, can shape the way pharmacy is in the future. Presenting a poster at an annual meeting was extremely rewarding, because she was able to connect with pharmacists who have implemented pharmacogenomics into their health system. Also, Megan had only presented posters at student events so it was also rewarding to learn about resident and pharmacist research projects. 

Lily Mahon3/28/18
Being able to present at the annual APhA 2018 conference was a wonderful experience for Lily Mahon. Her particular favorite was a leadership discussion hosted by the federal pharmacy association; the speaker spoke to the importance of positive leadership and how that can significantly impact the team and results. Another favorite was the women’s leadership mixer, where she was able to meet with many leaders within the field of pharmacy and about their lessons learned and ideas for the future. Being able to present a poster that focused on interprofessional relationships and public health was another highlight of Lily's pharmacy career; she was able to meet many others with passions similar to hers and built ideas for how to take some of her ideas forward. “The 2018 APhA annual conference has been a highlight of my pharmacy career and my time as a student.”

Abdi Bile3/27/18
Abdi Bile (PD4) had the pleasure of serving on the Nomination Committee representing Region 5, along with other student leaders across the nation, at the APhA Annual Meeting and Exposition in Nashville. The Nomination Committee is charged with the duty of preparing the slate of nominees, through a rigorous interview process meant to test the candidate's qualifications, platform and, as closely as possible, determine the candidate's knowledge about APhA and APhA-ASP structures, policies, projects, and activities. Abdi hopes to continue to motivate student pharmacists to run for national positions, as the rest of the Academy can benefit from students from the two-time back-to-back Chapter Organizational Leadership Award winners!

Andra Trakalo3/21/18
Andra Trakalo presented during a poster session at the APhA Annual Meeting & Expo in Nashville, March 14-19. Her poster, titled “Perceptions of Clinic Pharmacist-Community Pharmacist Communication Opportunities and Challenges During Transition of Care,” is from a project she is working on with Dr. Caity Frail, Dr. Ann Philbrick, PD4 Kelci Trahms and PD2 Kate Humrichouse.  Positioned alongside residents and pharmacists also researching various aspects of transitions of care, it was interesting for Andra to hear about processes and areas for improvement in other states and across health systems.

Maggie Sundstrom3/21/18
Maggie Sundstrom (PD3) accessed funds through the Century Mortar Club Student Grants to travel to Nashville to compete in the American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) National Patient Counseling Competition. She was selected to represent the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy after competing in two local competitions. She not only was able to practice her counseling skills, but also was able to meet many students from around the country who shared her passion for educating patients in our communities.

Eli Lily3/22/18
14 students from both the AMCP and IPhO chapters (Twin Cities and Duluth) traveled to Indianapolis to visit Eli Lilly for one of the best company tours they have participated in.  They toured corporate headquarters and then met with a few pharmacist panels, asking questions about working there, positions that pharmacists have in industry, the uniqueness of their roles and how this area of the profession is different from traditional practice, the company culture and values, and ways students can come to work there.  Richard Schneur, a current fellow at Eli Lilly and 2017 graduate, was instrumental in setting up the trip and helping students meet so many amazing pharmacist professionals at the company.  This trip excited all of the students about the profession and many potential career areas they have in industry.

Joseph Broughton attended his first APhA conference as a student, receiving financial support from the CMC.  He presented his first poster at a national pharmacists meeting with his faculty research coordinator and mentor, Dr. Karen Bastianelli.  Having never presented an academic work of this caliber before, it was a very unique and rewarding experience for him.  Seeing it all come together in Nashville was a feeling that he “will be proud to discuss during other meetings, personally with friends or family, and during future job or residency interviews.”


Guatemala mission

Phi Delta Chi brothers from both the Duluth and Twin Cities campus went on a medical mission trip to Guatemala for a week over winter break. While there, the students set up four different clinics in villages surrounding Antigua. Each clinic consisted of five different stations that all the students had an opportunity to work at. The first station, all patients went to was a hand-washing and hygiene education station. The patients would then go to the next station to receive anti-parasitic medications, as well as vitamins. The third station was for teaching the children proper tooth-brushing technique, as well as handing out free toothbrushes and toothpaste. The next station was a visit with a local Guatemalan doctor to be seen for any complaints, and the final station was a pharmacy in which free prescription medications were handed out per the doctor’s orders. Overall, the group saw over 200 patients, including many women and children. 


ASHP Midyear ClinicalKaren Shin, a PD3 student, said the ASHP midyear conference was a “phenomenal experience.” She attended many professional and career development seminars to learn about the residency match process throughout the nation.  There were also countless networking opportunities with current clinical pharmacists and residents from all over the nation.  Most exciting of all was  definitely the opportunity to present during the student poster session; she spoke to many pharmacists and students  about the value of inter-professionalism and the kind of patient-centered care that comes from it.

Yue Poppy WangPD3 Poppy Wang “My experience with presenting an academic poster at ASHP was amazing.”  She was able to communicate with pharmacy students from other states, and with residency directors from several hospitals who stopped by her poster; they shared about their program guidelines for anticoagulants.  She has learned that there are other hospitals still under physician-driven protocols, and work being done to address the importance of pharmacists.  There were many networking opportunities at the ASHP mid-year meeting, held December 3-7 in Orlando.

ASHP Midyear ClinicalElise Durgin and Lindsay Eveland participated in the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Skills Competition in Orlando earlier this month. The Clinical Skills Competition is an interactive, team-based competition in which the competitors analyze a complex clinical scenario that might be encountered in real life hospital by health-system pharmacists. It provides pharmacy students the opportunity to enhance their skills in collaborative practice with other healthcare providers in delivering direct patient care.  It challenged their clinical knowledge, time management and ability to work on many different disease states at one time! This was an excellent opportunity to practice the clinical thought process and ensure a patient is getting appropriate therapy for every disease they may have.

The Century Mortar Club’s student grants committee provided a $500 Bronze-level sponsorship to the Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance (MPSA).  The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) chapter at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy hosted the 2nd AMCP Midwest Regional Conference, at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs in Minneapolis, September 15-16, 2017. The event featured programming for students and professionals designed to improve attendees’ knowledge of managed care pharmacy and its impact on patient care.

Seojung KangPD2 student Seojung Kang received a grant from the Century Mortar Club to help pay her costs to attend the 77th International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) World Congress in Seoul, South Korea from September 7-16, 2017.  She and another FIP attendee will share their experience with students at an MPSA general meeting on November 16th, during the lunch hour, and at an international activities fair hosted jointly by IPSF and MPSO in the spring semester.


Hilary TeafordHilary Teaford, PD4 student, traveled to Banff, Canada October 1-4, 2017, for the 6th annual Collaborating Across Borders conference.  This conference brings together Americans and Canadians to talk about interprofessional education and team-based healthcare.  She gave an oral presentation entitled “Escaping the Professional Silo: Escape Implementing an Escape Room within an Interprofessional Education Curriculum” with a nursing faculty, Cheri Friedrich, with whom she has closely worked with the past few years to design an interprofessional education escape room.  In addition to improving communication and teamwork, the health care escape room also informally forces students to reflect on their communication styles, especially in situations of high stress and complexity. Upon completion of the escape room, students gather with a trained facilitator for a structured debriefing session.  (To their knowledge, this is the first time an escape room learning experience has been implemented within the healthcare sphere as a component of IPE.)  Results indicate that amongst a small cohort of interprofessional students, a health care escape room experience does encourage teamwork, facilitate communication, and promote interprofessionalism in the IPE curriculum in a fun and engaging manner.  Hilary attended the 2-1/2 day conference in its entirety and saw a very thought-provoking keynote speaker, Dr.Lorelei Lingard, who discussed how the paradigm in education needs to switch from views of individual training and individual competency to team training and team competency.  We hope to hear more about Hilary’s project and will invite her to a future CMC meeting.

Aileen ScheibnerPD3 student Aileen Scheibner accessed funds through CMC Student Grants to present the results of her research with Dr. Pamala Jacobson at the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Annual Meeting held in Phoenix on October 7-10, 2017.  She presented a poster on fludarabine and cyclophosphamide pharmacokinetic markers predicting clinical outcomes in bone marrow transplant patients.  Aileen said it was an excellent opportunity to practice presentation skills and receive input from practicing clinical pharmacists with similar interests.  The ACCP Annual Meeting not only provided a venue to share research, but it also provided excellent student programming to help with professional development. Several educational sessions provided the opportunity to further her knowledge in subject areas of interest and explore areas of pharmacy that she did not know a lot about. Furthermore, she was introduced to some of the leading pharmacists in those areas, which could provide valuable contacts later.