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white coat ceremonyWhite Coat Ceremony

One of the hallmarks of the healthcare professional is the white coat. Since 2007, the Century Mortar Club has provided each incoming student with his or her first white coat at a formal ceremony and welcomed the new class into the profession of pharmacy. Student pharmacists wear these white coats throughout their first three years of training as they hone their skills in the laboratory and engage with patients in our communities.

Students in AmsterdamStudent Travel Funds

Students at the College of Pharmacy have an impressive reputation of strong local, regional, and national involvement in numerous professional associations. The Century Mortar Club helps fund student travel to these meetings in two ways. We provide an annual financial contribution to the College of Pharmacy College Board Professional Meeting Account, which is a travel reimbursement fund managed by students for distribution to eligible applicants.Individual grants are also awarded directly to students who have been invited to participate in a national (or international) program, present original research, or were chosen to represent a student organization or the College of Pharmacy.

The College of Pharmacy Annual group photoPharmaCOPA

The College of Pharmacy Annual, as known as the PharmaCOPA, is produced entirely by students and highlights the College of Pharmacy community and activities. It was founded in 1962 as a signature project for the professional fraternity Kappa Psi, whose students continue to produce the annual yearbook. The PharmaCOPA recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary Edition in 2012. The Century Mortar Club has been providing support for the PharmaCOPA for over 40 years.

Pharmacy student at a student outreach eventSupport for Student Outreach Initiatives

University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy students and student organizations host a variety of events and service projects here in Minnesota, as well as in our international community. Underserved populations in the Twin Cities and Duluth are aided by student pharmacists working through projects like the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic and the H.O.P.E Clinic. International service trips include the Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance Mexico Trip and REACHH (Project Haiti). The Century Mortar Club is pleased to have provided support to assist students in developing these inspirational outreach projects. Please see the “Students” section if you are interested in applying for a grant to support an outreach event.

Student organization group photoSupport for Student Organization Hosted Events

The Century Mortar Club also offers support for important student events, such as the annual Rho Chi Research Day, which provides an excellent opportunity for graduate and professional students to share their research activities with peers, faculty, and friends. Another event recently supported by the Century Mortar Club was the Multicultural Pharmacy Student Organization International Day, where students shared their unique cultures and celebrated diversity in our community. Please see the “Students” section if you are interested in applying for a grant to support an event.