Pharmaceutical Care Lyceum

Pharmaceutical Care Lyceum group photoThe first annual Pharmaceutical Care Lyceum took place Jan. 6-8 at Deep Portage Learning Center in Hackensack, Minn.

This year’s conference, “Applying Resilience to your Practice, Patients, and Professional Life,” drew in practitioners, residents, faculty and students from across Minnesota to illuminate issues related to the practice of pharmaceutical care, foster collegiality, and invigorate the practice as the cornerstone of pharmacy. Topics discussed ranged from cultivating resilience in patients, practitioners and interprofessional teams, to models for providing meaningful feedback when precepting learners.

The Pharmaceutical Care Lyceum was inspired by the Deep Portage Pharmaceutical Care Conference hosted for several years by the college’s Peters Institute of Pharmaceutical Care and then by Medication Management Systems. The Deep Portage Conference created an environment fostering innovative practice ideas and concepts. As a result of this, concepts such as the medication experience, the Phillip’s Neighborhood Clinic’s student-run pharmaceutical care practice, and understanding the development of pharmaceutical care students and practitioners have been incorporated into our collective knowledge of pharmaceutical care.

The 2016 Pharmaceutical Care Lyceum was organized by a group of Minnesota pharmaceutical care practitioners hoping to revive the spirit and intent of Deep Portage in partnership with the Minnesota Pharmacists Association.

If you have ideas for future Lyceum themes or are interested in planning the 2017 Lyceum, contact