The Record Summer 2016


A New Drug for Pancreatic Cancer Takes the Stage for Clinical Trials
What does it take to get to that moment in a clinic when a doctor gives a patient a compound never before used in modern medicine? The story of Minnelide, an investigational drug for pancreatic cancer patients now in a Phase IA clinical trial at the
University of Minnesota, illustrates just how complex and exhilarating that journey can be.

Pharmacists Bridge Gap Between Mental Health Care and Primary Health Care Systems
Mark Schneiderhan's hope is that one day the health care system will include and provide recognition for pharmacists to play an active role in the mental health care field and that this hands-on approach will help connect the primary care and mental health care fields.

Building Positive Food Relationships in Indigenous Populations Through Games
You know what they say: you are what you eat. Our diets can be as important as our medications, making healthy eating choices and habits an essential part of our daily lives.

Research Discoveries are Making Precision Medicine a Reality
In Pamala Jacobson’s dream, every person who needs medical treatment will receive drugs that work for them—not, as sometimes happens today, drugs that don’t.

Annual Student-Led Medical Mission Trip to Haiti
Ten pharmacy students saw 557 patients and filled 2,247 prescriptions during the annual spring break trip.

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Axel Vazquez-Deida: Helping Communities Achieve a Better Quality of Life

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