Did You Know Students Blog About Their Pharmacy School Experience?

Students on both campuses from all four years of the PharmD program regularly blog about their experiences at the College of Pharmacy. You can check them out at http://godogblog.net

Here’s an excerpt from a recent blog by Hilary, a second year student on the Twin Cities campus:

Things that I did in the past 100 days that made me ridiculously excited:

  • Gaining some community pharmacy experience at the Allina Ritchie Pharmacy in St. Paul — I had a great three weeks at my community IPPE rotation.

Along with the fantastic and dedicated preceptors I had, I was lucky to be at a pharmacy that had so many interesting specialty drugs for me to learn about. The pharmacy also served a large portion of hospice patients, who required some unique dosage forms of various drugs that I got to compound! Never thought I would actually have to make suppositories, but I was wrong.

Things that I will do in the next 100 days that make me ridiculously excited:

  • Meeting the first years! I can’t wait to get to know the first years and welcome them to the College of Pharmacy. The upperclassman had so much knowledge and tips for us first years and I hope to be just as great of a resource for the new first years.
  • Learning! — I love learning about how drugs work in the body and how they are optimally used to treat patients (looks like I’m in the right place!). I learned so much last semester and know that I will continue to grow and develop as a future pharmacist during this next semester.