Board of Advisors Holds Annual Meeting

The annual College of Pharmacy National Board of Advisors meeting was held Sept. 25. The board provided college faculty and administration with perspectives from industry and practice and what they felt would most affect the profession and the college.

This year, observationsby board members ranged from drug pricing and drug shortages, to the opportunities pharmacists have in the areas of biosimilars and personalized medicine.

Another hot topic was pharmacists achieving provider status and the need for a sustainable payment model for medication therapy management and pharmaceutical care. Board members agreed that pharmacists need to promote their outcomes and demonstrate that they improve health care quality and reduce health care costs. They concluded that it is more important than ever that our graduates continue to expand the role of pharmacists on the health care team and help shape future models of care.

College of Pharmacy Board of Advisors

  • Lowell Anderson
  • Robert Beacher
  • William T. Beck
  • Mary Ann Blade
  • Richard Bruzek
  • Brian Bullock
  • Stephen Byrn
  • Elizabeth Cinqueonce
  • Chris Dimos
  • Don Gerhardt
  • Ed Hedblom
  • Judith Jacobi
  • Ronald B. Johnson
  • Michael Koski
  • Marie DeGayner Kuker
  • Richard Lalonde
  • Crystal Lennartz
  • Jeff Lindoo
  • Chengseng Lo
  • James Marttila
  • Marsha Millonig
  • Robert Narveson
  • Bruce Paddock
  • Gary Raines
  • Rory L. Rickert
  • Jeanette C. Roberts
  • Gary Schneider
  • Robert Schultz
  • Bonnie Senst
  • Steve Simenson
  • Wendy Simenson
  • Elliott Sogol
  • Jill Strykowski
  • Norrie Thomas
  • Bruce Thompson
  • Mark Trumm
  • Dianne Witten