Class of 2017

This year, the College of Pharmacy graduated 165 Doctor of Pharmacy students — 57 from the Duluth campus and 108 from the Twin Cities campus. Class speakers Maria Shiue (Duluth campus) and Anjoli Punjabi (Twin Cities campus) spoke at the May 6 ceremony.

2017 commncement speaker Marilyn Speedie As the commencement speaker, Dean Marilyn Speedie told the graduating class, “The profession requires your advocacy and your leadership in letting people know what we can do. I plead with you to embrace the challenges of leadership and enjoy them. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and expertise with other pharmacists, other health professionals and patients. Look for opportunities where you can work together to change practices for the improvement of the health of patients everywhere. It will not be easy, but the hard work and willingness to blaze the trails will enable you to fulfill the expectations that accompany your gifts. And you will make an important difference in the world.”

She continued, “This will be my last commencement from this podium. I thank all of you for the trust you have placed in me and the college. We will be inextricably linked for a lifetime. It is time to say goodbye to the deanship. However, my passion for this university and this college and its alumni and the profession remains strong and everlasting. Good luck to all of you!”

Congratulations to this year's graduates

class of 2017 commencement photoMuhdiin Haji Ahmed
Megyn Kolleen Albrecht
Margaret Linden Andrew
Jane Axelrod
Emily Ann Baker
Emalee Jane Barkley
Beteliham Berhane
Katherine Lee Berning
Jennifer Ann Branscum
Christopher John Breuer
Sarah Elizabeth Broussard
Alyssa ReNae Bush
Hannah Chang
Jiaqing Chen
Courtney Christopher
Thomas Clarkin
Cassandra Columbus
Ryan Lewis Cotten
Jenny Ingrid Dice
Mai Anh Thi Doan
Michael Draper
Lauren Elizabeth Dubosh
Elizabeth Ebensperger
Chelsey Barbara Edmonds
Eli Paul Eggen
Erika Lea Ekman
Ghada Adel Elnashar
Prosperity Chinaza Eneh
Keri Lynn Enyi
Joseph David Ernster
Peter Falvey
Michael Thomas Feldstein
Laine Kathryn Ferrara
Nicole Danielle Fischer
Samuel Joseph Fish
Travis John Fransen
Lidiane Tavares Gabeira
Kelsey Giesler
Evelyn Corinne Grafton
Briana Kay Gray
Amber Dawn Greensky
Kevin Michael Griswold
Laura Ann Halsey
Chris Hansen
Elisabeth Anne Hanson
Christopher Daniel Hayden
Christopher James Hayek
Angel Mei He
Samantha Christina Helm
Lindsay Helmila
Jacinta Maria Herman
Francis Herzog
Patrick John Hoheisel
Becky Jo Horne Dunn
Kristin Yvonne Howlett
James Won Tack Hwang
Angelita Isabel Incer
Ryan James
Sarah Natalie Klein Jastram
Bethaney Johnson
Lucas Eric Jorgenson
Dustin Kakach
Logane Maxwell Kiehnau
Yein Kim
Michelle Kristen Kirkvold
Brett Michael Kistner
John Knebel
Jessica Lynn Koehler
Shalyn Koester
Michael Steven Kurz
Gregory Cole Laffen
Daniel Lau
Wilson Lau
SuHak Lee
Sukdong Lee
Adley Isaiah Lemke
Andrea Christine LeVoir
Jonathan Lin
Jessica Pan Liu
Nicholas Paul Lund
Jordan Isaac Martinson
Toni Lynn McCain
Dane John Mellgren
Christine Meyer
Kevin John Mogen
Dema Mohammed
Brett Jay Moldenhauer
Amanda Marie Esades Moltzan
Yang Mee Moua
Courtney Frances Murphy
Mohammad Bassam Najib
Erika Marie Nelson
Michelle Vy Nguyen
Peter John Nguyen
Esra Fouad Nusseibeh
Dana Jean Osdoba
Carolyn Lee Parr
Jared Curtis Parviz
Hanna Marie Pasell
Catherine Pawloski
Benjamin James Pierce
John Everett Pittman
Jamie Lynn Platz
Christopher John Pogliano
Kristen Postier
Anjoli Punjabi
Alicia Ranasinghe
Alyssa Louise Renn
Hayley Retaskie
Andrew Michael Riehle
Tatum Rithaporn
Brittney Marie Rohrer
Drew Michael Rolsch
Ronadel Ronquillo
Kristen Elise Ross
Emilie Dianne Sabourin
Erin Elise Sadek
Joanna Yehia Saleh
Abby Schendel
Spring Schermer
Katherine Joan Marie Schmerbeck
Sofia Elsa Shim
Jennifer Jeeyoen Shin
Maria Shiue
Richard Boris Shneur
Michael Silvey
Aaron Michael Skoglund
Cassandra Ann Skoog
Mary Alicia Smart
Brandon Gerald Smith
Kaylee Sommer
Samantha Spaeth
Jessica Diane Spekman
Robert James Stickel
Morgan Kelsey Stoa
Shelby Nicole Storsveen
Caitlin Strand
SyHui Tang
Andrew Paul Tarleton
Lesia Valeri Tchobaniouk
Elaine Terry
Samuel Teweldemedhin
Truong Thinh Thiem
Dalika Tiev
Christopher Conrad Tollefson
Dao Tran
John M Trnka
Nicole Marie Tschida
Lauren Eileen Turner
Sara Vande Walle
Jayme Nicole VanRisseghem
Tricia Voss
Joseph Frank Vuicich
Mark William Walters
Georgia Roxanne Ward
Yi Wei
Ya-Feng Wen
Whitney Marie Wettlaufer
Natalie Mae Winchell
Amanda Marie Wurdeman
Elizabeth Wyman
Somboun Xiong
Xia Xiong
Kylie Kay Zenner
Mengyuan Zhou

Others who were recognized during the ceremony included Teachers of the Class of 2017 Mike Swanoski (Duluth campus) and Anne Schullo-Feulner (Twin Cities campus).